So the flight leaves at 2:15 tomorrow afternoon. Our Saturday morning agenda includes getting up quite early, taking our two dogs to my brother’s house about an hour northwest of here, then heading a little over an hour east of our house to get to the airport. Would be a piece of cake if it wasn’t for the winter storm watch that’s supposed to dump 4-7" of snow beginning tonight and going into tomorrow afternoon!!! :nonono2::dry:

If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s supposed to be highs in the low teens here next week, I’d really be bummed about the upcoming WDW weather. But we’ll be at Mickey’s House so all will be good. :happy: Right???


Can you take the dogs today? That might make things a little easier for tomorrow…

Maybe the storm will come in later… Hope that you get there safe and sound! Enjoy your trip, and all of the Christmas cheer!


Or…she could drop them off at my house on the way to the airport. :smile:


Did you mean… she could pick you up on the way to the airport??? :slight_smile:


Ya, that would work too. :laugh: Sally it’s 1:20 and the sun is shining here.


It’s 3:35 and it’s not shining here. :ph34r:
It feels like it’s going to SNOW! I love snow! But why couldn’t it have waited one more day . . .


Could ya handle three goldens?? Or more so, could Timber handle two more?? :laugh: