Is there a list posted anywhere that shows all the abbreviations used in the forums here? I am confused! Like: DH, PH, DD, etc.!

Any help?! :blush:


Here is one:

DH, DW, DD, and DS are very common. They usually mean Dear husband, wife, daughter, and son.


Or we joke and say they mean “Disney Husband, Disney Wife, etc.” :tongue:

Oh, I don’t know if it’s on that list but a VERY common abbreviation you’ll see around here is PDD: Post-Disney Depression.

I’m beginning to think we need a sticky or something with explanations of these abbreviations, because we’re getting a lot of new members lately and I know they can be REALLY confusing! :wacko:


Ahhhh! Okay! I gotcha’!
In that case, I must be an: SDH! Super Disney Husband! :mickey:

I’ve got the bug!! I was bitten by the Disney Bug way back in the early 70’s, and the fever has never gone away!!

By the way, thank you for the link, it is a great help!! :biggrin: