ABC Recording


I am not quiet sure where to place this message. I am working in Disneyland Resort Paris and the other day there were recordings for a christmas show for the ABC.

Me and a few college’s participated in this recording, which will show the five Disney Themeparks and their Cast Members. I was wondering if someone heard about this and may be could record it, since I cannot receive ABC over here.

I thought it was filmed with the name: Walt Disney World Christmas Parade! I really hope someone can help me! Would be cool to find myself back in the recordings!


I don’t know if we might be able to. We used to have au pairs living with us, and as I remember the VCR tapes and DVD formats are different in Europe and USA. Is there anyone else who knows how to do this. By the way, Welcome to Disney Central!


Yes, in Europe the PAL system is used for video tapes, while North America uses our own system.

However, it is possible to convert one to the other, so theoretically, if one of us sent Rollie a tape in our format, he could have it converted to PAL.


Does that mean in Disneyland Paris they have a plush doll which tells you what attractions are near called “VHS Mickey”? :laugh:


Nope, we do not have an VHS Mickey or a Pal Mickey! I saw the system on my last trip this june, and I really liked it, but too exspensive ;).

I was wondering if some one could capture it? I searched all around the internet but I cant find anything about it!