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This will be our first trip and this website has helped me a great deal. I am very overwhelmed by trying to plan details. We have park hopper and are staying at all star movies. My question is, for instance if we take a bus to magic kingdom and then take some form of disney transportation to epcot to eat at 7:25 and epcot closes that day at 7pm will there be a bus avail. to take us back to our resort. Also is it quicker to drive from park to park or use disney transportation. I have yet to find a good map with every thing on it, just small maps for individual parks. We will be staying 2/10 - 2/17. Any help or tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I believe Epcot closes at 9 pm during your trip so you’ll be able to get a bus back to your resort with no problems. Getting from MK to Epcot is easy using the monorail and actually fun especially if you have kids. Ask to ride up front with the driver, it’s a great view.


It is best to use Disney transportation in most cases. When you read that Epcot closes at 7 that is generally referring to future world. The world showcase will be open until 9. After dinner you should find a seat to watch Illuminations. The buses continue to run for quite a while after the parks closes so will have transportation.


Welcome to MB and the Disney Transportation is great and we say use it and the busses run I think for two hours after the park closes


It was already noted that hours for Epcot can be misleading. The “front half” (Future World) and the “back half” (World Showcase) will list times separately. So, in reality, in your scenario, it’s the later time that will impact your plans.

Generally, transportation services run to about an hour after park closing times. We use it constantly when we go. Basically, I plan to park the car from the time we arrive until we actually leave.


about the monorail-do ask to ride up front, but they will only allow 4 people max. Even with an infant… they allow 4 people.

Also, Just know that from each park there is transportation to other parks and downtown disney, but not to other hotels. So if you are at your hotel, and want to go to the Contemporary (to eat at Chef Mickey’s), then you first have to get yourself to the MK stop, then get to the Contemporary (by walking or monorail)… That is usually the only time that transportation takes a while.

Oh, and I would plan on giving yourself an hour to get from your hotel to the parks (especially if you have an ADR). It usually does not take anywhere near that long, but it never hurts to be early, and it keeps you from stressing in case something happens.

Have a great trip-we all know you will!


To clarify this message- There is transportation from each Park to each Resort. I think they meant there is only transportation from the Resorts to the Parks and not to other Resorts. If you wanted to go from your Resort to another one, you’d have to get a connecting bus from one of the Park’s bus stops.

I’ve done both drive around the grounds and used WDW transportation. There are definitely pros and cons, but in general I favor WDW transportation. Let someone else drive you around after a long and tiring day of magical experiences in the parks. Sometimes the lines are long for the busses to the AS resorts, but they do a pretty good job getting busses there.

If you’d choose to drive, the WDW property is nicely marked with signs like any city or interstate. However, for some reason, I always have a hard time finding my way back to the AS resorts. That’s the one resort I feel is poorly marked.

Maybe you should try WDW transportation the first day, then drive the second day to see what works best for you and your family.

I think you’ll have a great trip no matter what you choose! :mickey:


Remember if you are at another resort and the parks close just take a bus to downtown disney and from there you can catch a bus to any resort. This used to be true for the ticket and transporation center, but is no longer.


I’m a member of the “If you have a car, use it” society. We started using a rental car several years ago and I’d never go back to solely using WDW transportation (except to the MK - which is a pain to get to by car). It’s amazing how much time you save, you don’t have to worry about travelling to other resorts for dining, you don’t have to wait in crowds at the end of the day. If you have a car, use it. The signage around WDW is very easy to follow. Of course, do use the monorail, just for fun.


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Good you already have the essentials. even though the all star hotels are practically the farthest away from everything and are value resorts they are going to be pretty packed depending on the time.

I think that you would much rather take the disney transportation. due to disney being really big and sometimes confusing to us which we have been there A LOT, you will definitely get confused and get lost. dont worry about that time frame like Big AL said the world showcase is open usually longer for illuminations. and make sure that you leave MK 1hr before your reservation. you can take the monorail to the ticket station and then from their take the monorail to epcot.

I don’t think that I have ever found a map of all of WDW

Goodluck and dont worry you will have fun just ask CM and if anything ask the bus drivers and they will tell you exactly what you need to do. trust me we have done it a bunch of times.



Thanks for all the info and tips. I was thinking of using their transportation the whole trip but it all seems confusing and I’m paranoid about getting stranded. Our almost 5 yr. old son is coming so we will definitely do the monorail.


Don’t worry about getting stranded. They run the buses far after the parks close and if you get confused just ask a Disney Cast Member! My bestfriend and I usually do books for each person in our party that have small pocket sized maps of each park with stars on them on locations of resaurants which we will be eating. I also make a list of reservations with instructions on how to get to each place (what transportation to take ect.) If you would like I can help you just send me a message and I will email you the pocket sized maps and such.

Only map of the entire world I could find: http://www.wdwinfo.com/resortmaps/propertymap.htm


Do not worry about getting stranded. You are at the most magical place on earth… and they are used to a lot of people. They make sure that everyone is out of the parks and has a place to go. You will never be stranded anywhere on property-they will not let that happen. Their transportation is very easy (mostly because you do not have to follow any directions while driving).

If you are at your hotel and want to go to the MK-just get on that bus (there are many throughout the day)… Then if you want to park hop-you can take a bus, monorail or boat to get there (depending on the park). It is really easy and there are tons of people there who can help with questions. There are security guards, as well as regular staff that are very helpful and used to answering our questions.

You will never get left stranded, or without knowing where you are going. I would also say that there are a considerable number of people using Disney transportation all day and night (only 1 time in 6 years have we been the only people on the bus).

Relax and let them take you where you want-sorta like pointing your magic wand…