? about ME p/u


I was just wondering what everyone’s experience is with what time ME picks you up for your departure back to the airport. Is it 3 hours prior??? We have a tentative flight for 11:15 am, so they would pick us up at 8 am???


It is 3 hours ahead, sorry! You would have to be ready to go about 8:00 am…I hope that with all of these new airport resrictions lately it’s not even earlier than that!

Our departing flight is 10:20 AM so we will be leaving around 7:00 am.:eek:


I was checking morning and just read that with the new restrictions, it is now 4 hours.


4 hours… DH is not going to like that.
So that means our 6:30 flight we are leaving for airport at 2:30


Ugh! I guess better safe than sorry but 4 hours is a LONG time!


My pick up was about 2 1/2 hours prior to my flight time. We have a very early flight home and had to be up at 5am…it was brutal…lol I would take a car service next time (and I am) instead of using ME.


For an early morning flight, it may not be 4 hours… the airport check in desks and baggage handlers may not even be staffed at 2:30 AM…

This is one where you should call and ask for your specif flight… We have an afternoon flight because we can’t get our acts together with three small kids to fly out the door at 4AM… instead, we plan on getting them home by bedtime… LOL


Yuk! That’s what I was afraid of. As of now, our flight home is at 11:15 am. I may do what you suggested, Dana, and take a car service for the trip back to the airport. Do you have to do ME both ways?? Would a car service come 2 hours before?


our return was 3 hours…i will see what happens when we go next weekend…


That stinks! I booked our flight home as late as possible (6:50 pm), so that we’d have almost a whole extra day in the parks. After checking out and getting back to the resort to be picked up for 2:50pm, we won’t have much time to do anything. Maybe wander around epcot for a bit, but I still want more!!:laugh:
I wonder if it will make sense to take a car service back to the airport, even though we are doing ME on the way there???


And don’t even think about calling to ask if you can catch the next bus. I was at AKL in April for the Expedition Everest grand opening, and had arranged for a meeting with someone I wanted to meet, but I was scheduled on the ME at the same time, 3 1/2 hours before my flight. I was already checked in, luggage on it’s way, and the told me if I missed my bus, I couldn’t get on the next one, and would have to find my own way to the airport. So, I missed my meeting, and sat around the airport for 2 1/2 hours before going through security.


why are they so strict with that???