? about park tickets when renting DVC points


We are renting DVC points and I am shopping around for ticket prices. My question is, if we purchase Park Hopper w/ Fun tickets from AAA or Undercover Tourists, will WDW add them to our room key?

This is our first time renting and I know with the packages, your room key has your tickets and DDP all on it. I am hoping not to have to carry around tickets and room keys.



We weren’t renting points but we have had our park tickets added to our room key when we were staying on points.


Off track question, but are you driving or flying?


I have a question along a similar vein so I will ask here rather than start a new thread:

Can you add tickets that you already have to your resort keys? We have four days of non-expiring tickets left and are using them this trip.


I have rented three times and purchased my tickets before arriving and they (WDW) have never done that for me. I was told every one of those three times that they were unable to do it. I hated having 4 passes in my wallet for two people…so annoying, but the savings was worth it. WDW was able to put my DDP on my room key, thankfully.

That being said, I have heard of people being able to make that happen anyway. I guess it depends on the CM you get when you check in and the skills they have? Not sure, but I was not able to have that. I was told that if I bought the tickets at the resort upon arrival, they would have been able to add them to my room/DDP ticket.


We got a good room only discount once at AKL, so I purchased tickets prior to arrival with Undercover Tourist. When I was checking in, I showed the cm the tickets and asked to have them added to the room key. She said she couldn’t do it at check in, but if I were to go over to the customer service desk after checking in, they would do it over there. Went over there, had to give the cm our new room key card and the tickets, and then she gave us new room key cards and asked if we wanted to keep the tickets for a souvenier. I took them, just in case the transfer didn’t work on the card, but it did, no problem.


Thanks for the input. Looks like bethishooked will be coming in as we are leaving. We’ll try to leave some Magic for you. :laugh:


That is so weird that some of you couldn’t have it done. We’ve rented at SSR and OKW and we had no problem with them adding tickets to the keys. As a matter of fact at OKW in November the CM asked if she could do it before I even asked her. So YES it can be done just depends on the CM I guess.


Yes, please…leave us just a little bit of Magic, until we have a chance to make a whole bunch more!!!:laugh:


We are driving (4) arriving Thurs. and the remaining 2 are flying in on Sat.


I will then try to purchase the tickets as cheap as possible and try to have them added to the room key.

Thank you all!!!


The reason I asked is that since you bought your tix from AAA you are entitled to a Diamond Parking Pass. Talk to your AAA agent and they can give you one for the legnth of your tix, or for a full year from the start of an AP activation. We drive onsite and the AAA lots are right next to the front gate at Epcot, HS and AK. It’s alot quicker than waiting for a bus and you can come and go as you please. The MK AAA parking area is right next to the kennels and the TTC. Look into it if you did not receive one.


We’ve always been able to have our Magic Your Way Park Hopper tickets added on to our Key to the World, however the main desk has never been able to do this for us. We had to take them to the Concierge desk and they were happy to add them.

[QUOTE=cubsblue;1061528]I have a question along a similar vein so I will ask here rather than start a new thread:

Can you add tickets that you already have to your resort keys? We have four days of non-expiring tickets left and are using them this trip.[/QUOTE]

You may not be able to have these tickets put on your Key to the World since they’re non-expiring. A friend that came with us was eligable for the Military four-day park hopper promo and they said they couldn’t add “Special Tickets, Annual Passes, Non-expiring, and such.” That was the word that day, maybe you’ll be lucky though!! :happy:


Oooooo, thank you for the tip. I was going to check out AAA and Undercover Tourist. We always drive to the parks to save time. DH can’t stand waiting for the buses or being on a crowded bus after a park closes.


Even buying one PH ticket for 3 or more days from AAA will entitle you to the pass. It is really nice walking out of the park and there is your car. Well worth the few extra dollars you might save from another ticket source.