? about price of dining plan


Just so I am prepared. The cost of the plan is XXX on disney’s site. So is that XXX plus tax? And if so, what is the % tax? A few trips ago, we were staying one night at POP and then switching to another resort. We were thinking of doing the dining plan for one night. I’m positive I was told at the time, it was XXX plus tax. I questioned the tax part and the CM said “oh yeah, there is tax on everything”. We didn’t get the plan, so I’m not sure if we would have been charged tax. But now that with DVC, you can get the dining plan for part of your trip, we are thinking of getting for part of the trip.


I believe there is a .06% tax added. But then again, I believe in fairies.


Is that before or after you hit germany?


I just priced it at disney for one nite, (guess I should have done this before :redface:) and the difference with or without dining came up exactly the price quoted for the DDP, no additional tax for the dining plan.


Yes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


LOL Jo-Jo!


Tax is already included in the amount Disney shows as the cost for the Dining Plan.