About the Nemo Ride announcement


I know I have been away for some time and don’t know what all has been said or not, but can I just say… I TOLD YOU SO!!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

I have been talking the talk on the Living Seas conversion for at least two or three years now (search for it :happy: ) and I am so happy that the ride is FINALLY about to open up. At last the Living Seas will be my favorite part of EPCOT once again.

I gotta brag a little. To live so far and to rarely visit the parks I was on top of this change (all the Seas changes) from way back. :tongue:


HI SPIDER!!! Good to “see” ya! Yep…you called it! Now you’ll really enjoy that trip in your countdown;)


You’re THE MAN, Spidey! From now on, we will believe whatever you tell us (well, within reason).


I really have no idea what you are posting about I am just so happy to see your face…err web…around here. :tongue:

But yes spider, you told us all and here it is. We bow to your superior knowledge. :wink:


Good to see you, Spidey! Hope all is well.

Erin has been bad during your abscence.


Wow…tattletail! Remind me never to get on your bad side :pinch: