About time


I made those ADRs!

They were surprisingly booked, but my wonderful cm and i worked it out as best as we could.

February 7 - David’s Birthday at San Angel Inn (dinner)

February 8 - The Plaza Restaurant (dinner)

February 9 - 50s Prime Time (lunch)

I have never eaten at any of these before, so I am excited!!!

Any recommendations? Tips? Know what’s good?


Sounds like you got some great ADR’s! Personally I love San Angel Inn & 50’s Prime Time.

50’s Prime Time has great pot roast, meatloaf, & fried chicken. Home Cooked meals by none other than Mama herself. Served up by your distant cousins on your daddy’s side.


the Club and the Rueben are both really good at the Plaza! :C)


San Angel Inn is a little pricier than I remembered. Will they let you split entrees?


i think you can split entrees anywhere - just maybe tip extra? ((coming from a server, sorry))


Oh, no… good to know. So instead of 18%, what would you suggest?


Great ADR’s-love 50’s Prime Time too.


I love San Angel! It’s been a while since we’ve been there. Have fun!


An extra two dollars should do.


Well, we couldn’t make our ressies for San Angel Inn because we had to meet for the fireworks at 8:30. We were bummed.

But… we made it to the Plaza Restaurant with exactly nine people (we had to fight parade crowds… it was insane, but we had fun doing so). Amazingly, we were seated at two tables right beside the window where we had a wonderful view of the fireworks. And we celebrated David’s birthday, since we couldn’t do so at San Angel Inn.

50s Prime Time was our favorite. We bumped our reservations for nine up to ten when we got there (I had tried to call ahead three times, but the line was busy). Since we had a very outgoing group, we had a lot of fun with our “Cousin Monica.” And, once again, we celebrated David’s birthday. It was great fun.


You have some great choices. I have only been to 50’s. I had the meatloaf and it was FABULOUS!


Blair had the meatloaf, and she cleaned her plate (then complained about the price… both days she ordered one of the most expensive things on the menu).

I ate a turkey sandwich… without mayo, and with potato chips.


I have to agree that the prices are a bit steep there, but that is the best meatloaf I have ever had in my life…lol


The only meatloaf I like is Meat Loaf Aday.


That seems to be one of the most popular items on the menu, DH had it once and said it was great.
It’s been forever since we’ve been to 50’s Prime Time, my DS won’t try it at all. He hates being bothered while he is eating, makes him very uncomfortable. He didn’t even like Biergarten, the band playing while dining with people we didn’t know just made him so irritable.


I always 20% for good service or if I’m splitting a meal… but if you split and then your bill is say $28 dollars why not leave a bigger tip. I love being that one table of the day that leaves a really great tip, you have no idea what a HUGE difference that can make to the server.


Ah… well, no one split anything, and they added in gratuity… we weren’t sure whether we should tip extra or not (but our “cousin” at Prime Time told us that gratuity was already added, so we guessed not)… I didn’t feel like change, so they got an extra… 80-60 cents.