? about trading a CS for a TS with the dining plan


We are thinking of doing the dining plan for part of our trip. However, we always fear what if we can’t use one of the ts meals ? I know people have switched for a CS, what did you get? Did you get just the entree, drink, dessert or something extra like two drinks or an extra snack? I know it won’t add up the same, but at least it won’t be a total loss.


No extras if you use a TS credit for a QS/CS meal.
Just entree, dessert, and beverage.


My friend who was with me last August was on the free DDP while I was on the counter service plan. She changed a few tables for counters and got the normal counter, but was able to get either an extra drink or dessert while at the resort. Please realise this wasn’t as easy at it sounds. Many of the park counter places couldn’t figure it out or wouldn’t do it. The concierge at the resort was able to refund her money when she paid out of pocket and adjust her plan for her, but it was slightly annoying to do it this way. Definately ask your concierge what their policy is for this (it’s to the decretion of the manager at each resort and counter service restaurant to honor this). I am also on free DDP plan while there in August and more than likely will not use all the tables. I am just going to make sure I change to the tables for counters at POFQ because I know they know how to do it and will honor it if the counter person who rings us up can’t.


we did this last time we went… we kind of forgot to eat… towards the end of the trip we realized we had more meals. my dd not too smart… she had worked there but couldn’t get the concept of just showing her card to eat… she met her bf down there an he paid for a couple meals and she paid cash for some… we used ts for some counter services without a problem … we just told the cm what we wanted to do and they took them:heart:,.


Thanks for the info. I wanted to know just in case.