? about use year


Why would you pick one use year over another? When we bought at SSR were told we had a dec use year, if we have a choice at BLT, what things should we consider.


If you buy BLT thought DVC as an add on I think you will get a December use year. I believe you have to buy another master contract and get an use year you wanted but you would have to buy the minimum points for a new contract (160 or what ever it is right now).

We wanted a certain use year because we didn’t want all our vacations (summer) to be at the end of our use year in case we had to cancel a reservation we didn’t want to lose the points because it would be too late to bank them.

If you pick a use you want to get your points right before you usually travel if you have a usual time.


So if we like fall trips, it would be best for a sept use year? We haven’t taken that many trips yet but I had just figured if is was a use it or lose it situation, I’m sure I could find someone to use. Even if I had to ask the Davids to go sleep at disney, SOMEBODY would use them.:laugh:


A summer use year would also work well for fall travel. Did your guide ask you when you normally travel and plan your use year based on that? Or did you just get a random use year?


Yeah, you really don’t have a choice. When I added on at BLT several months ago I was told that my use year was August b/c that was my use year at SSR. I really never found any benefits to having one use year or another.


I don’t think there is unless you have to cancel a trip and you are already past your banking deadline. We travel in the summer so we didn’t want a use year that would have a banking deadline that fell before we travel. If you travel year round then there’s no difference in which use year you have.


I can see your point DT. No, he didn’t ask about the timing of our trips. Out of about 15 trips, we had to postpone one trip when our then 8yr DS broke his elbow. I really didn’t think to much about it. I figured with insurance, at least we wouldn’t lose money. I know the money value doesn’t equal the room point valve (8 x $5 doesn’t equal the cost of one night at a AKL studio), but at least we weren’t out completely. If we couldn’t do a trip, I’m sure my DD or DS would be happy to jump in.


You will keep you same use year for all points you buy from DVC.

I think you’d drive yourself nuts trying to keep different use years straight making sure you use/bank points in the correct order.