? about views of standard room at kidani


This sept, we are staying at kidani for 6 nights in a 2 bedroom savanna room with my DD and crew. We find after a trip with family, we are exhausted, so we wanted to stay a few extra days.

We had no points left so to we had to rent some(thanks Richard) and since we were renting points (from Richard), we decided to go cheap. We have the savanna room for 6 nights, so we thought standard for a few nights would be ok. So we now have 6 nights with family and 3 nights with just us. (with points from Richard):happy:

Now I’m thinking what are the views with a standard? The pool is across a road, is there a pool view? Parking is under the resort, is there parking lot view? It doesn’t matter that much, we had that awful pool view :eek: at Jumbo last trip and survived by sitting a lot elsewhere. We’re just glad to stay the extra days (points rented from Richard), to have some time to breath and do the things we might have missed with running around with DGDs.

Any thoughts?

And another question. This is my first time renting points, it is common to promise to name your next grandchild after the owner if he doesn’t get the money for the points. :whistling:tongue: I thought that was odd, but like I said I never rented points before. (from Richard)

So if you need to rent some points let me know, I’ll try to find the name of the guy. :whistling


Jo-jo, we had 2 standard view 2 bedrooms at Kidani back in 2011 and the view was technically of the parking area but we were up high enough that mostly we just had a view of a lot of vegetation in the area heading over towards where the BBQs and sports courts are. It was still a pretty nice view overall.


Thanks, just curious what to expect.


The view from the standard rooms is a virtural fountain view. Plays a loop of BossMouse (old fat pink tutu wearing) fountain dancing, in HIGH DEF. :blow: :eek:

Two words: Duct tape - LOTS OF DUCT TAPE!!!

Expect nothing and be suprised. :laugh: I actually got a limited pool view once. Who knows.


Oh - that is just WRONG on so many levels!:laugh:


Oh my…:eek:



Maybe you might want to think about changing resorts for those extra days, or trying to remember the guy’s name who rented you the points, so you can rent more points, so you could get a different view. Not sure DH and I could look at the fountain scene for that long.


Hmmmm, I think perhaps you’re right, no wonder those rooms are cheaper.


The price of rooms without pool views just trippled. :laugh:


We’ll just keep the drapes closed 24/7. We aren’t rich enough for triple the points.