Absence makes the heart grow fonder...right?


It has been exactly [B]556 days[/B] since I was in WDW.

It’s sad that I know that. :frown:

I just needed to whine a little…when I joined DC, it was to plan my 2003 trip. And now I’m going on 2 full years here, and I haven’t been back. I know a lot of people only get to go every few years, so I should be thankful I got to go 2 years in a row (2002 & 2003)…

…but I’m still sad. :crying: I just keep telling myself that when I DO get to go back, it will be more exciting than ever…but it only works about 50% of the time. :dry: The other 50% of the time my brain just keeps whining.


Dont you worry dznygrl…you are going to only have another 166 days to wait…I can feel it…


Since DH is off saving the world, I really understand that statement. I want him to come home so bad that I could pout till he does, but that wont make the time go any faster. All that we can do is savor the memories, and play on DC. When it is time we will savor every second. It works in both cases…hehehe


I feel for you. I can’t imagine waiting that long!! :ohmy:


it is cool…it has been a long time since I have gone too…just not as long as that I afraid.


I am so sorry. I feel your pain, I once waited 5 years between trips and it was hard. We just had too much going on; my son was having 2-3 surgeries a month and we just couldn’t swing it. Be patient, you will make it back.


Our family feels your pain DG, we only get to go every 3-4 years. We’re buying AP’s this year to encourage ourselves to go back next year as well. At least when you go every few years there are so many new things it’s all fresh again!


I too found this site while planning our trip last year. After our trip we were trying to figure out when to return. We had a rough holiday season with doctors, tests, reports, etc. That’s when we decided instead of next year, we are going this year. Disney is always on the brain. I can tell you where we were this day, 11 months and 35 days ago…trying to get it all together the night before we left.

WDW will always be there waiting for you. New attractions, new characters, new stores and new resorts, just waiting. Hang in there, your time will be here before you know it!


I know how you feel. I have not been to Disney World for 7,848 days…that’s right, I have never been. :whistling I am looking forward to my trip with great anticipation and have been reading up on everything Disney. If only time would move faster…


556 days?? Poor dznygrl. :frowning: But you’re going back for your anniversary right?? It will be here before you know it! Enjoy the excitement of anticipation! :slight_smile: One day in the very near future you’ll wake up and be able to think, “I’m going to Disney today!!!” :mickey:


that is a great way of putting it pj!


its hard, isnt it? i keep trying to plan going back, but it never seems soon enough!


Aw, thank you everyone! I appreciate the support…we had to go to the airport last night to pick up a relative, and Ryan and I sat there and talked about WDW the whole time we were waiting! :heart: We talked about how much fun it was going to be, what we were going to do on the looong (10.5-hour) flight, etc. It made me feel a lot better.

I guess the worst part is that we don’t have a for-sure trip planned in the future. The Disneyland trip for our anniversary is a no-go, and I only THINK we’re going to be able to go to WDW in October. I THINK…and hope, hope, hope.

So I’ll keep my fingers crossed and try to enjoy the anticipation instead! :biggrin:

BTW…my anticipation has NOTHING on queensmama. :frown: THAT wait would be even more excruciating, and I’m so glad the day he comes home is getting closer and closer!!