Absolute must dine


Okay so before I start . . . CRT is not an answer I will accept.

My wife and I have done Disney a few times. We’ve done the dining things. We’re going again in June and taking my parents - First Trip. We have our ideas of trying stuff out new but wanna stick with what we know to show them some cool stuff.

So aside from CRT what do you all feel is a “must dine there” place.

On my to do list:
Prime Time Cafe

I’d like to try Brown Derby . . . or do I!? HELP!

What else!? What must you have!? We’re sitting down to plan our ressies Saturday Night and I need ideas.


I’d have to recommend Hoop Dee Doo Review. Can’t miss as a crowd pleaser.


I agree with Prime Time Cafe and Hoop-De-Doo. I would also consider Chef Mickeys & Crystal Palace. They’re both character meals, but fun for all just the same. :wink:


If you are into the gourmet thing, and would like a true fine dining experience, you must try Victoria’s and Albert’s. Try for the chef’s table.


Brown Derby is a favorite for us… it is like you aren’t at a park, and we enjoy that escape on the fourth or fifth day! Plus the food and cocktails are really excellent.

However, if I were to suggest a “must dine” spot for you, it would be Biergarten and here’s why: It is immersed in theming… lots and lots of German EVERYTHING, plus, you sit in a beautiful room at big tables, sharing beers with lots of people. There is singing and sometimes an impromptu show. It is a buffet with great food, and the price is terrific. If you go at dinner, you can work it out to finish dessert just before fireworks. I think it is Disney at its best!


Whispering Canyon Cafe is a fun place and California Grill or Narcoosees have good food and you can time them for the fireworks. I’ve heard that ohanna is good, but I’ve never been there.


I would definitely do the Hoop de Doo. It is my family’s favorite thing to do at disney. The food is all you can eat fried chicken and ribs, homemade bread and salad and corn along with baked beans. All the beer or wine you can drink plus strawberry shortcake for dessert. The show is funny with lots of audience participation and everyone will love it!


Chef Mickey’s for breakfast. Make it the latest time they will take and make it a brunch. Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. Earl of Sandwich at DTD for lunch one day. Yummy!


Have you considered CRT???

Or Spoodles is a nice “adult” restaurant, with great food, and awesome scenery.


Biergarten! My DH and I always say we’re going to try something new, but always end up there! My MIL doesn’t like German food, but she even liked it! We haven’t had a bad meal there, and the shows are cute and fun for everyone. Our 2yo liked the music, even if he didn’t get the story and jokes!


Boma in the AKL on a Wednesday or Saturday for the all-you-can-eat ribs.


I would agree with Biergarten. We had a great time there. What about Le Celier? Great food!


I agree with RLB !! Biergarten or LeCellier! Or how about San Angel Inn ??


We’re planning CRT 2x’s 1 dinner/1 breakfast. We have Chef Mickeys down too.

I’m trying to get a feel for something I haven’t done before without wasting dinner points.


BTW Dinner at CRT is for my 5 yr wedding anniversary. 5 years to the day and hopefully time we’ll be sitting down at CRT with our daughter for dinner.

Breakfast is for my daughter at 19 months she is a Princess Nut! Should be fun.


We like Cal grill if you time it right you get a great view of the fireworks at MK! Hollywood and Vine is another favorite of ours with the fantasmic dinner package, no waiting in line for the show!


Where to begin? Excellent choice with the Prime Time Cafe, just make sure your in the mood to be put on display; they like to joke with you a LOT. The first time we went there, a waitress put a Little Mermaid bib on a guy and was (trying) to sing like Ariel. Make sure you keep your elbows off the table, and be careful you don’t get homework. :smile:

You have to try the Crystal Palace, awesome buffet, I just love the food.

You should also go to the restaurant at the Mexico Pavilion, the San Angel Inn. It’s actually like you’re outside at night and you get this great view of the temple in the boat ride. It’s so pretty.

Earl of Sandwich is also good, the first time I ate there I couldn’t speak, it was the absolute best sandwich I’ve ever tasted. BEST. :tongue:

The Rose and Crown in the UK Pavilion is also great, we spontaneously decided to try it out our last vacation and we loved it. :heart: Great food. The potato and leek soup was so yummy, it doesn’t sound it, but it is.

And for a desserty snack you should go to the France Pavilion to the Boulangerie Patisserie (forgive me if I’ve spelled it wrong) they have such yummy desserts there, we go every year.


Brown derby is a nice, adult place. It’s lost on kids however. Must dine you may want to consider:
whispering canyon at WL
Momma’s at MGM
O’hanna at the polynesian
Boma at the AKL
Lecellier at Epcot
Portabello’s at DTD
Chef mickey’s for the kiddo.
Crystal palace for the kiddo


Artist Point!

It’s calm, beautiful, relaxed enough for kids… and the food is the best!


OH my gosh!!! It is like you followed my family and I around in the parks when we eat. These too are our absolute favorites too. We just found Prime Time about 3 visits ago and we love it. Always a good time. Crystal Palace is an old favorite and a must visit every time.