Access bill from visit


Is there a way to access my “folio” as they call it, the bill, as I call it, on line???



I am not sure. Do you mean a past bill?


I wouldn’t think so. If you need to review it, perhaps calling the resort and asking them to send it to you would be best.


It’s a past bill that my friend needs for tax purposes. It was for a conference


If you call the regular Disney line and ask to speak with someone in the billing department they might be able to fax a copy. If it was booked online they could use the old reservation number to see it under the “my vacation” section. All I know is that my August '05 trip is still listed on there


Or, couldn’t they call the credit card company. I think they are required to keep copies of the items as well. But, I would try WDW first. That would be cool if you could pull it up on-line, but I don’t think it’s possible.