Accident in MK


A 70 yr. old man was injured yesterday on Peter Pan’s Flight. He fell on the conveyor belt to get on and got pinned between two ride vehicles. He was taken to a local hospital and released. He only had minor injuries. The ride was shut down for the rest of the day. It reopened today.

Just passing the info along.


Wow… at least he is ok for the most part.


Ouch! I sometimes worry about some of the “moving rides” and my FIL, he is 80, and not always light on his feet.
Glad the man was ok.


I heard that at first the man had been stated that he was in “critical condition” with possible fatel injuries! But after Doctors checked him out they said he would be fine.
Scary, but I am glad it wasn’t Disney’s fault :mickey:


Wow, that’s horrible! I’m glad to hear it was minor.