Accompany on the magical journey that is


Planning a Disneyland trip! :wub:

For September, hopefully when NO ONE is there. :cool:

First off, is the Bonus Ticket worth the money? Are there any special deals going on right now? Aaaaand… will I be able to take advantage of the 5-Day Park Hopper at $169, by purchasing it now, but using it in September?


The 5 Day Park Hopper for the Price of 3 ends in Mid-April of this year, so nope, wont be able to use that, sorry!

For me, Disneyland is always worth any cost, and just keep looking online/ for special updates and such.

The only deals I know of going on now is the 5 day park hopper for the price of a 3 day and the 2fer deal (which is for socal residents only).

Hope that helped!


Unfortunately, no. Which is a shame, since I was wanting to take advantage of that deal myself for my DD’s 5-Day Hopper for October.

Oh, well. It isn’t like that’s going to stop us from making the trip. :cool:


Oh well. We were planning on this trip for much longer than this special deal. Although it is a shame, since I really would like two days for free. :laugh:

Is September a good time to go, without the lines?

And yes, Anaheim, Disneyland’s always worth the cost. We’ll be bringing all our own food anyways [though I will be spending around oh… say, $100 on Churros!]

But since we’re just two teenagers we’re trying to spend as little moo-lah as possible.