Ack! confused!


I am getting more confused now!!

I just priced the POR and its coming up almost 235.00 cheaper then the POP…

I don’t know what to do, if i should switch or just stay at the POP

i never stayed at either one…

the pro for the POP is i would need two rooms (party of 6) so the thought of 4 beds and 2 bathrooms sounds good…kwim?

is it worth spending $235.00 just for 4 beds and two bathroom?



I guess I don’t understand? Are you talking about 1 room at POR vs. 2 rooms at Pop for the $235 price difference?

You can’t put 6 people in one room at POR, though, can you?

Just get the space you need, at the nicest place you can afford.


If POP with 2 rooms is 235.00 more expensive then 1 room at POR, and you have 6 people, you’d probably need to stick with POP. I beleive the limit on people in a room is 5 anyway right?


We are a family of 5 and we have priced both as well. POR will only sleep 5 and that is with a trundle. It is a little more expensive to stay in 2 rooms at POP but we feel like it is worth it. We all feel like we can spread out, and the extra bathroom alone is worth it to us. Another plus for us on our last trip was having 2 TVs. My kids could watch Disney channel all they wanted, and DH and I could watch real TV!


It is TOTALLY worth $200+ to have 2 bathrooms and more space in my opinion. It will be nice to have some space of your own too to unwind and take a break from the kids. Go for it.


Like others have said, if you have 6 people I think your only choice is 2 rooms at POP, Riverside sleeps max 5 unless you have a baby under 3 they may allow a crib, but I’m not sure about that.

I always vote for more space and two washrooms, but I would squish into a moderate over 2 rooms at a value if it is possible…just our preference.:mickey:


Music has suites for 6. Might inquire there.


We do the 2 rooms at Pop since my MIL & FIL went with us last year & are going this time. The rooms are adjoining, Pop is Great & you can’t put a price on having 2 bathrooms!!


Thank you, i honestly feel i am going to stick to what i booked and stop fudging around…thank you


With a larger party, having the two bathrooms is really, really nice. It is a definite bonus when trying to get up and out of the hotel in the morning!


Haha, I do the same thing. Start messing around, and then wind up right back where I started.:laugh:


I think you’ve made the right choice.:happy: You can drive yourself nuts comparing all the resorts pros and cons. Two bathrooms is worth the extra money!


About 5 years ago, when our youngest was 18 months, we took a trip. Me, DH, two DS, and my DD. We stayed at CBR with a port a crib. My brother decided to fly down for a few days and we said, sure stay with us.

It was soooo crowded, stuff everywhere, people everywhere, fighting over bathroom, fighting over table, fighting over tv.

We will go next year and have two rooms at POP. (for us 5).

The fact that we can have two bathrooms, two tvs and a rule that the kids don’t eat in the parents room (no crumbs everyone) is worth the money!


POR with 6 people…even if it’s 2 adults and 4 kids would be cccccrrrrrrrrrramppppppped.
Stick with POP. $200 is worth your sanity.


[QUOTE=cinderbella;990004]POR with 6 people…even if it’s 2 adults and 4 kids would be cccccrrrrrrrrrramppppppped.
Stick with POP. $200 is worth your sanity.[/QUOTE]

Thank you hun!!
I will
and ps: congrats on your ticker!:wub:


We stayed at POR last may with 3 adults and 2 kids and we were cramped. I would stick with 2 rooms at POP


i called my TA and told her to keep me put at the POP:happy:


Plus POP has it’s own bus system so you don’t wait as long for a bus.


we did POR with 5 and loved it the resort has we feel the best access to the parks with the fewest stops and the private pools are quite nice. The rooms when using the trundle makes the rooms quite cramped.
Bathrooms were also a bit small .

POR does not allow 6 so you would need two rooms at POR but as far as POP I am usure if they accomodate 6 I know allstar resorts do have suites that are about the same price as the 2 rooms at POR give or take a little

Hope this helps