Acronym Cheatsheet


OK…we’re new to the Disney Forums and need some help with the basic Acronym’s everyone uses! :laugh: I’ve figured out a bunch of them, but it would make our lives alot easier if I knew em all! LOL, ROTL, etc! :happy:


well, I’m new to the website also and the acronym that gave me the biggest headache was DD, DH, DW, DS and I think they mean Disney Daughter, Husband, Wife, or Son.


Welcome to mousebuzz! I will try to start a list:

MK = Magic Kingdom
DS = Disney Studios
AK = Animal Kingdom
ToT = Tower of Terror
SM = Splash Mountain
CoP= Carousel of Progress
MVMCP = Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
MNSSHP = Mickey’s Not So Scarry Halloween Party
GF = Grand Floridian
WL = Wilderness Lodge
FW = Fort Wilderness
BC = Beach Club
BW = Boardwalk
AKL = Animal Kingdom Lodge
POR = Port Orleans Riverside
POF - Port Orleans French Quarter

I’m sure everyone will keep adding!


Here you go:


Thanks so much! Do you guys think Roseta Stone would be interested in adding this language to their collection on “How to Learn Other Languages”? :laugh:


:laugh::laugh::laugh: hey wait until you start ‘speaking’ MB!! I do it all the time much to the annoyance of my DD and DH!


That’s so funny. I do it too and DH just rolls his eyes at me.


Thank you to everyone who helped point us newbies in the right direction! I’ve been going insane trying to figure out the “DH” “DD” and so on too! Thankfully I did figure it out, but the conformation was much appreciated!


Sorry about that. On most Internet boards the D stands for dear but I guess it could mean Disney on some boards.


Glad you got it figured out. It will become second nature soon. Welcome to MB sandmshall, diz nee 08 & goofy_scotty!


Ditto that :happy:


Or it could mean…er…DARN. :laugh:

Welcome to the friendliest Disney Board. (Well - most of the time!)


One time I called Dave “my DH” when I was speaking about him to a group of people (he was next to me) and he gave me this look :wacko:



i actually just laughed out loud!
Bella…you are a hoot!:heart:

i was doing our disney album today and i found myself kinda annoyed by having to write out "Liberty Tree Tavern, or Crystal Palace…i did just abbreviate Magic Kingdom (MK)…i just couldn’t make myself actually WRITE it, when it’s already too much work to type it!lol