ActiveX control?


Three days ago I started getting a popup on this site that says ‘click here to run activeX controls on this page’. It doesn’t do this on any other websites, just MB. It does it on both computers, too. I wouldn’t mind it except it does this on every single page, so every thread I read, go back, click, etc I get this same message. Any ideas what could be causing this, or how I can fix it?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Ugh the dreaded active x message. I switched to Mozilla Firefox, I don’t have that problem anymore. I couldn’t stop it on IE.


Yep…I had to switch to Mozilla Foxfire as well. Got rid of the problem and haven’t had it again.


I had that problem too awhile back.
Turns out I had some sort of computer issues, which I dont remember what now! :pinch:


Yup mozilla firefox is my browser and I never have that problem :happy:


Firefox is the ticket.:smile:

Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable


I have IE and have never had this problem. Do you run/install the activeX? This does sound strange. I have had that on other sites and once I run it I don’t have the problem anymore. What is your version of IE? I am running 7.


Downloading IE 7 fixed my activeX problem, too.


OMG… stop the presses! I have no idea what you people are talking about, but I think it might be something that would fix a few problems I have on the computer. Are Firefox and IE programs I could use instead of McAfee? The McAfee keeps telling me every time I log on that my computer is not fully protected, but when I click the link to fix it, it tells me that errors on teh computer prevent it from repairing the problem.


Hi Miss Dis,

IE and Firefox are the browsers you use to get the internet. McAfee is your security program similar to Norton Antivirus. Sorry I can’t help you with more than that. :sad: I use Norton.


The active x is required for some websites to work fully and MS Explorer is providing a security warning. I use Firefox as well occasionally and not sure, but my guess is that Firefox just doesn’t warn you and lets the active x run.


OK, now I am more confused than ever…


I have IE 7 and I get it with this version and the previous version, which is on my laptop. How hard is it to switch to firefox? I’m pretty basic with computers.


In order to switch to Firefox or for those who prefer, Netscape Navigator (both Mozilla based web browsers) you need to download and install either one or the other.
The easiest way to do this is to go to and either search directly for Firefox or follow links to the browser section. When there, find the latest version of the Firefox or Netscape browser and download. Once downloaded, double click on the program you just downloaded and install.
Once it’s installed, launch that browser instead of IE either using desktop icons or the start menu.

I too prefer Mozilla based browsers to IE, but sometimes, there are things that IE does with less effort than the Mozillas.


Miss Dis, many people prefer Norton Anti Virus to McAfee’s anti virus. I’ve used Norton AV and Norton Systemworks (Utilities) since my first computer. My first laptop came with McAfee, but I dumped it because I didn’t care for it.
The real questions are, how old is your computer, how old is your version of McAfee AV, how current are your virus definitions, do you have a current subscription to updates?
Depending on the answers to these questions, you might do better completely uninstalling McAfee AV and buying and installing Norton AV or Norton Internet Security and possibly Norton Systemworks as well.
I’m not going to try to diagnose your computer problems because that’s a lot easier for me if I’m right at the computer in question. I suspect that you could use a good registry cleaning, but without the proper tools, even pros shouldn’t rush blindly into that. That is something a Systemworks applet called WinDoctor can be of a great deal of help fixing registry errors.
I’d suggest talking to one of your local friends who know computers for some hands on help.

Oh, and as other people have posted, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape Navigator are web browsers and should not be confused with anti virus or utility programs.

Beyond a good anti virus program, today you need a good anti-spam program as well to help block potentially harmful sites and pop up messages. One of the best is still Webroot’s Spy Sweeper. I strongly recommend that as well.

I know, this only gives you more questions and confuses you more, not less, but that’s the can of worms that computer problems can be. I’m sorry I can’t help more from here.