Activities for Teens


I see they offer alot of FUN stuff for our 9 year old on the cruise, but I get the sense that my 13 year old wishes she could also participate in the same activities–and she can’t. What fun things do they have on the cruise for my 13 year old daughter?


princesdi, we had the same worries when we cruised with our 13-year old daughter last June. My daughter is a young 13; she went to the teen club (ages 13-18 I think) once, got very intimidated by the older crowd, left, and never went back. If she had her choice, she would’ve gone to the 12-year old group…she liked the sound of the club.

Knowing this was a possibility, we involved her in the excursion planning from the beginning… and Castaway Cay was her day (snorkeling, banana boat, swimming). She spent alot of time on board exploring and reading. To be honest, I worried about her being bored…but she said she really liked it. We did a 4-day cruise… I think 7 days might have been too many for her.

If the teen club works out for your daughter, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. If it doesn’t, let her pick out some special stuff to do with the family.



My daughter turned 13 in December, she is not the dancing diva or the social bug that alot of other teens are. I do not see her exploring the teen scene on her own. I wish they had something other than this option for kids their age. My 9 year old will be making “goop” and having soap races—she thinks that sounds cool, it is unfortunate they don’t make these activities for those that desire too.

Is there a special age for the spa–is that something she could go do? How much does that run price wise?


There is a teen only deck on most cruise-ships. This is where teens get together and there’s video games and just a nice deck for teens to hangout and chill. I’m not sure if Disney has this but the majority of the cruise ships have teen only decks so teens can hang out with other teens. Just check into it and see~


Princesdi, IIRC… The spa’s policy is that anyone under 18 had to be accompanied by an adult. Prices run all over the map… of course, none are cheap. Check for a list of services and prices.

I’ll check with my daughter tonight to see how she occupied herself when she wasn’t with my wife and I.



Princesdi, I talked with my daughter last night. The only other things that she did solo were swimming (a couple of times) and dolphin watching. So, to me, while it doesn’t sound very thrilling, she swears that she had a great time.



Thanks for talking to your daughter. We are only taking a 3 day, so I am sure the time will fly by. I am sure she will be just as happy to hang out with mom!


One thing they added late last year is Ocean Quest, which they have turned into kind of a hang out for the 10 - 14 year olds. It occupies the old conference rooms on deck 2, and has a big screen tv, video games and a ship simulation. The 10 - 14s are in there everynight for about 5 hours, and my 13 year old loves it, I can’t get him out. He has also gone to a lot of the adult things. I think they are fine until they get older than 14, I have a 17 year old with us right now, and he is relegated to adult things during the day.


When we went on the cruise my family mostly stayed together the whole time. Even though the 9-12 year old club might sound fun for some it isn’t for all. I know some people did not enjoy the clubs at all and wound up spendind most of the time exploring the ship and talking to cast members. It really depends if your child is the social butterfly or the more reserved quite person. Also the classes that are for adults are usually pretty flexible on the age of people who can participate, so if your child see something they think looks neat might as well go and try it. The worst they can say is no and then you can just go grab some ice cream from scoops!


I have to admit that the cruise was a bit of a flop for our girls. They were 14 and 15 at the time, and definitely not the kind to go to the “teen” clubs. (they thought they were “lame”). They were right in between kids and adults and there really wasn’t much for them to do. My dh and I enjoyed the cruise more than they did. In fact, for our second cruise only dh and I went and they were fine with it.


This is my exact issue with cruises… especially Carnival.
My first cruise I went on, I was 12 then, and the ‘club’ they had for 7 - 13 wasn’t very appealing to me.
The 2nd one, I had just turned 13, I did not bother going at all. Basically I just hung out in the pool.


My 14 and 15 year old loved the teen center on our last cruise. We hardly ever saw them. My 7 and 11 year old did not like the kids clubs all that much. They preferred to stay with us.