Actually staying at The Plaza near WDW


Hi I just booked 4 nights at the Paza Hotel on the Disney Property its across the street from Downtown Disney and only $95.00 a night, This economy is really causing alot of people to cut costs without cutting corners. Free shuttle, nice balcony veiws. With this really the only things 2 of them I can think of that would be different from staying at the All Stars or other WDW resorts is … 1. dont get the Magic Extended Hours 2. Probably more crowded transportation buses. ie. longer waits and jammed to capacity.
And buying tickets from my local AAA auto club 2- Fla resident 3 day passes for around $129.00 each So about $330.00 for 3 nights and $260.00 for tickets saving almost a $1000.00 going the " Im just broke and wanna go to WDW Budget"


Awesome! You will have to give your reviews when you get back. Congrats on finding a way to get to the world and save money!!!


The Plaza is a nice hotel.:happy: We stayed there one night before we left for a cruise and I walked all around. The grounds were very nice. And it’s close to the Marketplace. I guess you could walk there - it might be a bit of a trek. We stayed at SSR last week and now are at the Marriott Royal Palms at the World Center. Honestly, the condo and grounds are just as beautiful as any Disney resort and it’s only 2 miles from the main gate. If you have a car, it’s no trouble at all to get to the parks. Of course, you don’t get all the perks - but people shouldn’t think that they won’t have a good time if they’re not on-site.


I know and since its 2 40 year olds and No children its cool to still stay that close to the parks and the shuttle shuffle is worth saving 30.00 + for parking. I would rather use Free shuttle and the $30 dollars on food or something to buy over in the village. But its all really all about the parks. Just want a nice clean place to sleep. And Im hearing the Plaza is REALLY nice The price is spectacular. Id LOVE to stay in a Real Disney Hotel but Costs and times of cutting exspenses is really important right now. Espoecially living in Fla… LOL We really dont make good money and My hours have been cut so badly at work. Sadly Money is the object but thanks for confirming its a nice hotel I appreciate the feed back ! send me your addresses and I will send you a post card from my trip in may ok ?


Hey, you are still going to be at Disney, no matter where you lay your head to sleep. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.


Im just so excited and Im counting the days


We have to budget as well.I have to buy the Fl. resident 3 day play pass at our local AAA office as well. I just cannot ever seem to come up with all the money at one time to buy all of us a AP. I know what you mean about money. Oh, by the way,it’s nice to see another Fl resident on her. You are from Fl right? I fugured that when you said you bought the 3 day play pass.


I totally understand having to cut the budget!! My first-ever trip to WDW was offsite, and it was an absolute blast! I don’t have any regrets about missing out on EMH because it was worth saving all that money - and getting to go to Disney, period! :happy:

Have a great trip!!


Just stroll on over to DTD and hop on the bus there. Or you can cheat by driving to nearby typhool lagoon, parking and transfering there if it is too early for DTD.


I am just curious though, with all the deals going on Disney didn’t have similar rates at Pop, or any of the All-Stars? I would have figured you’d be able to get that same rate at a Disney ‘econony’ priced resort.


MY friend is the barman at what used to be the Grosvenor Resort, and we always have drinks in the Plaza when we meet him after work. Its really very nice and I am sure it has everything you need- and its so close to DTD- enjoy!


My husband stayed @ The Plaza a few years back on a business trip and really enjoyed it. DTD Marketplace is within walking distance. Plus we never go to the EMH park for that day. It is our attempt to avoid some of the crowds. Either way you will have a great time and you know your room will be bigger. Enjoy yourselves.


I am sure you will have a great time. I have only stayed off property and its always been great. Just being at WDW is whats its all about.:mickey: