Added 75 more points!


We just added 75 more points. We are beginning to think this may be addictive! Next monday we will be booking our May vacation!


how many points do you have in total now?


Congrats to you!


Cool !
We are thinking bout joining DVC !


what is there to think about? go for it…


Still need to find out the info ! :blush:
I didn’t do my research :pinch: :closedeye


you’ve come to the right place. ask away. we can answer all your questions…


Ok so can you cover the ground before I start the questions ?


Congrats! And yes, it is addictive!:laugh:


Congrats!!! :happy: That’s great!


Congratulations!! You can never have too many DVC points.


We now have a total of 225! So Excited!!!


Congratulations! It’s a great feeling isn’t it? Do you feel like a kid in a candy store?:laugh:


nice. how many trips per year will that be getting you usually?


That is a great way to describe it! Definately do!!!


Well, it all depends on what type of accomodations and when we want to go, but in value season in a studio we can do about two weeks (each with only one weekend day) a year! We are so excited!!! We have already chosen our next vacation. We have to wait until monday to make the arrangements since that will put us 7 months out, but we can’t wait!!!


NokeyNose, congrats on your magical news!