Added a day


We just added a day to our vacation. It is not one that is planned out, that is very unlike me. However, what is something that I might be missing. We are basically covering every park and downtown. Our accommodations will be at the French Quarter and it is just my wife and I. Are there any must does you folks might suggest?


Since it is just you and your wife, maybe you guys should try the horse and carriage ride around the French Quarter and Riverside resorts. I’m not sure on the details (or if they even happen year round) but the last time I stayed, I saw lots of folks doing it and it looked fun and romantic!


I wonder who to contact about such a cool event.


i’d spend more time at epcot - the countries just have sooo much to explore!!


A good non park thing to do on your first night, and something I suggest to everyone, go to the polynesian for dinner at ohanna. After dinner head to the beach and watch the light pagent and wishes.

IF that’s not your cup of tea and you want to head to the parks, I suggest Epcot’s world showcase for dinner, shopping and illuminations!


Contact Disney Dining…I did the carraige ride and its only $35 for all of you. Another fun thing to do is rent a boat, jet skis the price is only atou $45 per hour or something like that. If you call disney dining they are very helpful and can transfer you to book activities.


You could also go to Sea World.


I love unplanned days, because there is so much to do and see that isn’t even in the parks! Rent Sea Raycers on Bay Lake and have fun zipping around for a while, explore other resorts, rent a surrey bike for a ride around your resort, etc.

You will love having an extra day!