Added a day


Ok all I just called and added a day. By doing so I end up saving $40 in the long run by being able to get the $300 gift card deal. Sure I don’t get the 300 till I get there but hey in the long run it’s not like I wouldn’t spend that any way. I am not telling the kids that I am adding the extra day. can’t wait.


Enjoy the day and the gift card.


What a good deal- enjoy the extra magic time and the card too!


that is great. Good for you. You can use that card for all sorts of things, not just merchandise but food as well, spa, DTD…you’ll use it up in no time :happy:


i am planing on using it on meals to pay the tip. lol


heehee, I guess eating is more important to you than a spa treatment, huh :laugh:


Awesome! Have fun with that extra day :happy:


Nope no spa for me lol


Makes sense to me. Congrats to you!