Adding a day


Well I emailed mickey for more points and am going to add a day to my trip in August. I originally was only going for 6nights, 7days, but just added another night at OKW. It was either add a night or go to AKV.,…I decided to spend the extra money on points instead of location and get another day at WDW out of this trip. We are heading to SW one of the days, so another WDW park day is in order. What would you have done? Added another day to the trip or changed to a better resort? OKW, while huge, is perfect for me and DD. IT’s got the boat access, a great pool, gym etc. The food choices stink there,but I can get a grocery delivery like I did last time. Thoughts anyone?


Definitely would have added a day! Good for you- you deserve an extra day!!


Thanks for the input. That was my thought exactly. I can’t imagine not having less than 7 nights… the last few trips have been 7 nights or more, so I felt cheated almost with only 6…lol


Good choice Dana! I must say though that Olivia’s is pretty good, especially their onion rings & special sauces for a little late snack. They also have really good pie! Come on, it’s vacation, ya gotta splurge a little right!?!?


Oh… and the outside bar… has great Rum Runners!!


I would definitely have added another day or two or three :laugh:

Really now, any resort is a good resort, I think. You’re good to go girl :wink:


You are right about Olivia’s. I did enjoy my breakfast and dinner there last time stayed there. I was referring to the limited snack/fast food place. They do have plenty of things to stock yourself up with in the gift shop too. We are just used to eating at the resort more often and will just have to make adjustments and eat before or after we take our break for the day. Breaks are essential the time of year we are going. We will also have a car, so that opens up a whole new world of food options off property for us should we want to venture outside the world.


Well, you know my answer.:happy:

Definitely another day - and what can be better than another relaxing day at OKW? Why go through the hassle of changing resorts for a day - and OKW is just like me - practically perfect in everyway.:closedeye :laugh:


Well of course you are perfect in every way…lol I think I made the right decision. I know a six night trip would have been fine, but a 7 is better. I just don’t want to feel rushed at all and want to take my time to enjoy it all. Besides, what would I do without having my 2-2-2-1 park plan…that’s two days in mk,epcot and MGM and one in AK…lol


Dana, first I need to learn about the buying of points and so forth… educate me!!!

As for the other, you know I would always go for more days! Just to put off that “we have to go back home tomorrow” feeling!

And hey, if you crave some non-OKW food, you can always make a quick ADR somewhere and worry about the $$$ later!


Buying points is actually pretty easy. You have to find a DVC owner with some to spare and cut a deal with them. I suggest doing it with a mousebuzz member you know. once the agreement is set, they book a trip at their DVC place in your name with their points…you just simply check in. IT’s pretty cool acutally and a great value to do this.

More days at WDW is always a good thing in my opinion…the pocketbook has other things to say about this theory however ,so I am trying to be smart about it…lol

I can always find a quick ADR at WDW…I always book everything as soon as the window opens, but have really never had an issue with finding a last minute place should the need arrive. I think I will be looking for some DTD places for dinner since we will more than likely spend the majority of our nights there.


Thanks for the scoop!

As for DTD, we have had two barely so-so meals in a row at Cap’n Jack’s, which breaks my heart. However, Fulton’s has always been a real winner for us, and Portabello has always been at the top of our list to try, but we usually change our minds at the last minute because of the $$$. If you try Portabello, let me know what you think!


I would have added a day as well. I was thinking about changing from POP to POlly 1/2 way thru the trip but decided that I was only there to sleep so decided to take the $ i would save from changing resorts and I decided to add days and activities… Good choice


Congrats on the extra day! I’m excited for you, a longer trip is always nice. If nothing else you are a pretty quick boat ride from DtD where you have several choices for a quick bite to eat.


I would have done the same thing - added an extra day! I know what you mean about feeling cheated with only 6. All of my trips have been 7 nights or more and DH is trying to convince me to plan a trip for 6. I know it’s only one less, but it still bums me out! :closedeye


I always think that changing resorts sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. I like to get there, unpack, and be settled in! So I think you made the best choice. :happy:


It’s not bad but I plan for it. Last summer we had 2 nights at POFQ before we checked in at BCV so I packed a small bag with everything we needed for those 2 nights and didn’t open the larger bags until we got to BC. When we moved to BC I didn’t have much to get together for the move.


I really like OKW when we stayed there in August. I would choose the extra day over an upgrade.