Adding a person to ADR's


Our trip is roughly a month away. Yesterday, my brother says maybe he would like to come. He has been to disney but not for many years. He not 100% sure, but since he is driving, he can always cancel a room fairly last min.

Now we have 3 family meals planned, one meal he would miss and the other is at CM for breakfast. CM is completely booked. One is at germany. Since we are already 8 including a high chair, do you think we could add my brother and put the high chair at the end of the table?


Call Disney Dining and ask. They will probably let you add him, but they will tell you that they may have to seat your party at separate tables (they told me that on our last trip, and it was just my family of 5). We have gone as a Grand Gathering in the past with 13 people. I made the ADRs and was told that we might be seated at different tables, and we ended up all being together for the every meal.


I thought since we were a party of 8, we would just have the whole table at germany. I know they like you to “make new friends”, but I never thought they would break up the group.


I think they just say that to cover their tooshies in the event that they have to mix you up. It’s never actually happened to us.


Good to know…we have the same situation in November and finally have ressies for LeCellier…love my brother but don’t want to miss that one!


I think it varies by restaurant. They would not let us add to our ressie at Le Cellier, but they did it with no problem at Crystal Palace.


I would just bring him along - they’ll fit him in. For all parties over 4 it seems you get the message “please note your party may be seated at separate tables” BUT, It’s never happened to me either.


I’ve had no problems anywhere adding a 4th to a party of 3, but had a hard time adding 2 to a party of 4, which is understandable.

We met up with a couple of friends who took a last minute trip at the end of my week last December and tried to get them in with us one evening and it was a no-go.

Hope everything works out for you since you have a bit of a larger party, may be a little easier to accomodate!


Well, my thinking is, if we can put the high chair at the end of the table, we still be using the same set up. No table juggling required.

I would really hate to just show up with the extra person and have them say no. Although my DD and husband might be thrill to ditch us to find a quiet meal and leave us with the grandkids. Then we’d have space. LOL