Adding a third guest to my reservation...questions



My trip is all booked up for the Aug 26 - Sep 2. The original booking was for two at the POP for myself and my girlfriend. The problem is she just got a job teaching and cannot make it. So now I need to make some adjustments to the trip.

Everything is all booked as all of you know for that week so switching the room is out, which I don’t really mind.

Im assuming switching the reservation from my girlfreind to another person whcih Im assuming should be no problem. It’s adding the other person to the trip Im worried about.

Do you think I will be able to add a third member with the free dininng plan?
Will I run into any problems adding a third member?
What does it cost to add a third memebr as far as the room.

I have had small problems in the past when I have adjusted trips, last year when we went I added the water park and fun option and my park hopper ended up getting removed. Thank god I had my original trip print out from home.

So any advice when I call to add a third member?

Hoping it all goes well.

Thank you.


Hmm - I shouldn’t think so…4 adults are allowed per room at the Pop and I see no reason why your reservation can’t be adjusted. I have no idea what it would cost - just be pleasant and nice when you call - the nicer you are the more accomodating the CM’s are - oh - and hope for a nice CM. If you get a grumpy one, just say thank you, and call back again until you get someone happy to work with you. Good luck!


Thats a good idea. I will keep that in mind, I have actually got CM who were maybe having a bad day, never thought to say thank you and try to call back.
Thank you.


Since most of Disney is booked up by now becasue of the free dinning deal, I was wondering how many cancelations or no-pays they have by now.

Im thinkng I can try to ask for an upgraded resort at either little or no charge. If they can squeeze me anywhere.


Free or discounted upgrades to a new resort are very rare (especially over the phone) but the rooms at Pop can hold up to 4 adults so you’re fine there. Have to called to see if you can make a change to your reservation w/o losing the free dining?


Thats what Im afraid of. Since Im all booked and paid for the two guests for aug 26 - sep 2 I figured I should not lose the free dinning.

I should just have to pay for the dinning for the additional guest.


Are you going to call today?


Many hotels and cruise lines charge for an extra (more than two) adult in the room. I’m not sure about POP Century. I’ll check.

You can also add a rollaway (unsure of charges… usually it’s around $6 a night). I’m familiar with teenage boys and their unwillingness to share a bed with another (not sure, however, about adults…).

I would definitely call Disney and ask about adding a third person to DDP. I’m sure you can. That would be a lot easier than having two people on DDP and paying seperately for the third.


I think the values are $10 for an extra guest beyond 2 adults. I think it goes10, 15, 25 dollars for extra guests as you move up from the value resorts.


im going to call tomorrow (waiting for my buddy to finalize taking the week off). I dont mind paying for the DDP for the third person, I just hope they dont remove the two I have. They shouldnt right? I mean the two are booked and paid for. I was hoping they would add the DDP for freebut if not we can just chip in togather.


Nothing is free at Disney. :laugh: Well, not food, at least (unless you’re in the AP lounge or on conceirge level).


let us know how you make out. We stayed at POP last year and I don’t think there is room in those rooms for a cot - they only accomodate up to 4 people, very little extra space in those rooms.

I think the answer to your question all depends on what CM you get and how accomodating they are to your request.

Good luck.


hopefully I will be able to call tomorrow. thank you for all your support. i will let you know how i make out.


Im all set to go :cool: :cool:

I called today. My original trip was for two which was going to cost me $1483.48 for 8 days (aug. 26 - sep. 2) with magic your way park hopper/water and fun. Plus the free dinning for two.

I called and added the third person and change my girlfreinds name to a freinds. I was only charged $449.21 more :ohmy: . They gave me the free dinning as well for my extra guest. Im from Oyster Bay, NY and the CM I spoke with was from Glen Cove, NY which is right next door. Like a nervous nelly I actually mentioned we would cover the costs for the DD in the beginning of the call and later in the call he said he would see about getting the DD for free as well. He was extremelly helpful and it all went very smooth. Bringing my total for the whole trip up to $1932.69 ($644.23 pp). The good thing was that when it was my gf and I it was all paid for by me ( I really dont mind, i would rather go with her:wub: ) but since she cant make it I know get to split the whole trip three ways :happy: . I guess now I will have a ton of extra money to buy some souviners (did i spell it right?)

This is an awsome deal for three people to stay in disney (pop century) for eight days with the works. I love the free dinning, I think even when I have to pay for it that it’s still a steal at $39/day. But getting it for 7 days is sweet.


Very cool! Have fun…and do a TR when you return. Hope you’ll have photos!


Im gonna take a ton of photos. My camera takes great vids as well but they take up a ton of memory.