Adding additional seat to ADR?


Well, ds (19 yr old) changed his mind and decided he did want to go to Disney with us. I only have two ADR’s set up, in which adding him on to Boma, no problem. For my lunch time LeCellier, they are telling me I can’t add him on, changing our table from 3 people to 4, without changing the time to after 2pm, which is too late for me. So, what do I do? I just kept out ADR as is right now with 3 people. Will they turn us away if I show up with a 4th? Or, do I just decide to cancel and go elsewhere?


I have never had a problem showing up with (04) people when I had an ADR set for (03). This is because they will seat you at a four top with (03) people (a table for 2 can’t support 3 people but a 4 top can)

Now if you have an ADR booked for (02) and you show up with (04), then it could be a problem…


Having never seen a three sided table, I am at a loss why they can not fit in your fourth. I’d call back and speak to a supervisor.


I agree with Papa Bear, there shouldn’t be a problem. I would just show up with the 4 people and tell them that you had a reservation for 4. There must have been a glitch in the computer.


Seriously! I guess I could understand if you needed to bump to 5, which would create a need for an extra table but you’re already going to have a 4 top as it is. How could they say no to that! That’s insane. I’d keep it and have the 4 of you show.


LOL :laugh::laugh:

I have definitely done that before… Or if you booked it over the phone, you could mention that the cast member must have hit the wrong key while booking the ADR on your behalf. :happy:

A little white lie once in a blue moon never hurt anyone. :blush:

But if you are Ms. ethics, then just tell the truth and let them know he was a last minute addition to the trip. Either way, you will be fine.

The exception to the rule is “Biergarten” @ EPCOT because of the fact that you are seated with other “parties”…


I say that’s a crock!

The tables’ seats are multiples of 2.
If you have a table for 3, there is always one empty chair.
In order to put three at a table for two, you have to put that third seat in someone’s way.

Show up and tell them your reservation always was for 4. The CM’s have no way at all to verify.


I would not even call them. I have had this happen before and WDW was able to seat me. I don’t advise cancelling and trying to rebook. You may not be able to get the times you want. Because you are simply seated ahead of walk-ins, the number of people adding by one person won’t matter. they will have to put you at a table for four anyway, so no harm no foul.


I agree with everyone else, there’s no reason why this should be an issue.


We had the same issue at Le Cellier and with the Fantasmic! Dinner package. The phone CM was able to get me a 1 person ADR to add to the Fantasmic! package and I had to keep checking online to find a Le Cellier ADR for 3 or 1. Ended up getting an ADR online within 15 minutes of my original a few weeks later.
I know they would probably have accommodated us if we just showed up but I didn’t want to chance it. She told me they “might” be able to get us in, but with the popularity of both, it is possible that they may not be able to.
I would keep checking… you have a while and people like us will be switching their ADRs daily… LOL!


I joined a trip with my Dad a couple years ago and was the 4th person. We didn’t make any adjustments to ADR’s and none of the restaurants had problems getting us in except Coral Reef but that whole meal was a mess.


Uh, yeah, I just experienced the same! Just got off the phone with reservations and have a reservation…for 3…at 'Ohana’s. THREE??? I asked for four and was told that three was the best I could do. :frown: She also said for me to continue calling back to see if the 4th seat opens…HUH? One person decides to cancel? A party of one?



We’ve had to do this before. They wouldn’t change our ADR either, but when we showed up with the extra person, they seated us anyway…at a table for 4. I’m sure that’s where they would have seated us to begin with, so I’m not sure why they can’t just add the extra person to the ressie…


It’s settled.

Look, just tell them I said it is ok. They dig me.


Boss, if this was a newbie post, I would have to chastise you!
I am fairly sure EPCOT is where the fountains are… and also the scene of the “incident”!!!:laugh: