Adding days to pass


We have a 10 park hopper for our trip in June. I know that after 7 days on a pass it is like $12 a day for the four of us up to a 10 day pass. Does anyone know if we want to add an 11th and 12th day do we still pay approximately $12 per day or do we have to go back to a regular 2 day pass? Hope I asked this correctly and did not confuse anyone!!:mickey:


It is my understanding that as long as you add the extra days before the pass expires, you will pay the original price to increase to 10 days, approx $12/day.


I was wondering if I could add past 10 days-do you know if I can do that?


Oh, I’m sorry I mis-read your question. It is my understanding you can only purchase a 10day pass. After that you have to go back and start over with a new pass. If you want more days and have to purchase a second pass, I would look into an annual pass and compare the costs.


I don’t think there is any such animal over a tenday pass…I think AP is your next level up, but I could be totally wrong on this. i just never heard of a 13 day pass. You should use 2 days of the pass and then upgrade it to a ten day…or whatever. Should work that way.


10 days is the limit. If you started at 7 you could add 3 more, but you can’t go over 10.