Adding on waterpark and more option


Question for the mousebuzz experts (:blush: ),

We’re thinking about adding this option on once we get down there. How much is it to add on? We will have 2 adults and 1 child.

We have 7 day parkhoppers now and were thinking instead of buying tickets for one day to let’s say pleasure island and blizzard beach, upgrading the tickets instead would be the better way to go. Plus DH is really itching to go to DisneyQuest.

Thanks all!


I thought that I read it was $50 to add the option. Let me go grab my unofficial real quick…BRB.


yup, it’s $50 per person. You get 6 options however meaning 6 visits to either the water parks, DQ, PI or WWS.


Great thanks Dana!
I must have missed it in my Unoffical Guide!


No problem at all. I actually needed that information and looked it up before. That’s the only reason I knew where to find it…lol


Can you tell me where in the 2006 Unofficial Guide this is? I recently purchased a 10 day park-hopper (no expiration) just to save for a future trip (I’m about to finish the last 3 from my LAST ticket next month - I like to buy my passes a long time in advance :laugh: ) and I somehow ordered park-hopper without pluses (I meant to put plus options on it, and I messed up the order.)


$50 is an AWESOME price! Question…

Let’s say I have a bunch of 10 day NON expiring passes. They each have different # of days left (they are used). If I wanted to add the water park and more option, would it be $50 for me too? And would they include 6 options, since they are all 10 day tickets?


It’s in the beginning part of the book where they explain the different passes. Page 48 and 49.


Tricky question there. I wonder if when you check in they will just put all the days on one pass for you. In that case, you may be able to upgrade from there. I don’t know how they do it though. I have never had multiple passes to use for a trip. Try calling Kim. Call the resort that you are staying at directly and find out their policy. Ask them if it’s possible to put your passes on one single pass and use it as your room key and then ask them if you are able to add anything to that pass such as a WPAMO.


We don’t plan to use all of our passes this next trip…but since it’s only $50 for 6 visits to a water park, PI or DQ, that seems like a GREAT deal and I’d want to put them on ALL passes and have those visits for future trips! I think I might call Tuesday to get a more definitive answer. It costs over $30 to go into a Water Park just ONE TIME.


I think the tickets in question are MYW tickets, which aren’t the same as the Park Hopper Deluxe passes. I’d love to give you an answer, but I think you’d do best to call guest services at WDW directly.


Heehee. I just love how Dana runs to get her Unofficial Guide. That’s awesome. :laugh:


My tickets are MYW tickets. They’re 10 day MYW Park Hopper Non Expiration tickets. I have 4 of 'em. Two with 6 days left, One with 9 days left and one with 8 days left. Oh, and I forgot I have a child’s pass with 7 days left!


You go girl! what’s the worse case scenerio here: you have to grab a waer park pass? that’s only $30 some dollars…no big deal. You have free admission in my opinion…it’s all good! Check anyway can’t hurt. You may be able to combine those passes and add the WPAMO…sounds like a winner to me.