Adding people part way through the trip


Is it possible to add a person part way through a trip or would I have to make a whole new reservation if we were sharing a room?


I’ve never done it but I’ve read reports where people have added the person at the front desk when they arrive.


I think we have decided that we are just going to book my DH for the full trip and if work is slow he will fly out with us if not later in the week. We have to pay for the room either way and it’s free dining so the only place we would be losing is on his park tickets if he needs to fly out later


I’ve never done free dining so I don’t know if this is true. But I’ve heard some people say with free dining you need to have everyone there at check in. I’m thinking people were adding extra kids to the room so to have extra meals for free. For example, a room with 2 adults and two kids still cost the same (except for the ticket which you can save) but then you have all those extra meals. Just something to check so there are no surprises at check in.


I don’t know if it’s true or not but you make a good point. I know when we checked in and had free dining, I didn’t have to present everyone at the time. They stayed outside while I checked us in. But it would be something to check on before going.


I’m would just sooooo upset to have problems at check in, that’s why I mentioned it.


I would call the resort and explain the situation. Better safe than sorry.


Good news we are not going until next year but DH has been cleared to go with us for our entire 13 nights 14 days!!! So happy. They are my step kids so I think getting through customs with him will be alot easier too!!!