Adding points at another resort


what are the benefits of buying points at another resort other than your home resort, can you book at the 11 month window at your second resort or just at your first home resort, our home resort is ssr , if we bought at say akv could we book at the 11 month window at both or just our first home resort ( ssr):whistling :whistling


You can book at 11 months at every resort you own at.


you have to have the entire amount of points needed for your trip if you book 11 mos out- however you can get a “starter” ressie and then add on days at the 7mos mark if they are avail- I asked about this specifically because I was tempted to buy resale and a few points just to get contemporary access when it opened up.


I will say that things are easier if you have the same use year for all your contracts.


That’s what I had heard from my friend who owns DVC…you have the 11-month option at both resorts, but only up to the point amount you own at that resort. So, if you had 200 points at SSR and pick-up 100 points to OKW by resale, you can book OKW 11 months out, but only for as many nights as your 100 OKW points would take you. I’m not sure if you could make the ressie to pay for the nights in excess of the 100 points in cash/credit card, and then change it later to your SSR points after the 7-month point?

Prezcatz Paul


HAHA…that’s what we plan to do! Buy a 50 point contract somewhere else (probably AKV if we like it that much in November) and then get in first to buy CRV when they open up. So far, that’s the plan. :cool:


I think that for many times of the year, it will be very difficult to add on days at the 7 month mark. According to long time DVC members, it is getting more difficult to get 7 month ressies at certain resorts.


I’m sure that is true and that’s why we’re buying where we want to stay. I’m worried that because we are locked into certain weeks (when school is out) we’ll have trouble getting the resort we want if we didn’t own there. The more people who own DVC the more people are going to be booking at 7 months and the harder it’s going to be to get certain resorts.