Adding the DP, when do you pay?


do you pay for it at the time you add it to your ressie? (AP-room only)

does it have to be paid for up front in full or do they charge it to your bill at the end of your stay?


Good question. Packages have to be paid in full 45 days out. The question is–Does adding the dining plan to an AP room make it a package or does it stay room only?


I don’t think you can use AP with the dining package . . . back in July I had to buy an all inclusive package to get the dining plan! I’d call and ask, cuz things change all the time . . . (I think this is what you meant?) :blink:


I think starting this week you can. I haven’t read anything on the official site but I have seen it reported on two sites.


REALLY . . . oh that would be GREAT! Thanks for letting me know! :happy:


Here the link on this site. I saw the same quote on another site.

I haven’t heard of anyone who booked it but hopefully we will soon. I wish we could have added this in December since we have APs.


It’s changed, and very recently.
AP holders can now buy the dining plans and get AP discounts on their rooms while not being forced to buy MYW tickets. The downside is, like all MYW vacation packages, full payment must be made by 45 days out. And of course, I believe the 3 day minimum is in effect as well.


Thanks so much for letting me know this . . . I was doing packages through the Disney site, and when I removed the tickets the price went UP? But prob cuz they didn’t update the site yet . . . I’m going to call today to find out . . . I’ll let you know how it goes . . . thanks!! :happy:



i just added the DP to our trip in Nov!!!

i had to cancel our orig. ressie and re-book. but i got the same ressie dates, no problem!!

i was refunded my orig. deposit and charged $200 for a new deposit…the CM said that was standard.

we are Seasonal AP holders and the AP DP option is good for Seasonal holders too!!the CM was super helpful since i have never done the DP before, she gave the low-down! :C)

she reminded me to keep an eye out for the AP room rate that will come out in Aug. for our Nov. trip. i will have to call and have that applied to the room rate then.

since what we have now is considered a pkg.,YES everything has to be paid in full 45 days out!!


Yahoo!! This is so good to know!! We are seasonal passholders as well . . . thanks!! I gotta call TODAY! :happy: