Adding tickets


I think this is my 4th question of the day. I guess I’m starting to get into serious planning mode now LOL I have a package deal with 5 day park hopper option. I am now wanting to make it a 6 day park hopper. Do I have to call now to make the change or can I do it when we check in? Ok, on a side note here, it totally just hit me that in less than 3 months I will be taking my daughter on a vacation I never thought possible. :wub: Ok, now that I’m done tearing up, back to the question. I realize that I will have to pay to add another day but can I just pay it when I get there?

I am so glad that I found this site. Any question I have I know will get answered right away and no one is judging me for thinking about nothing else right now but my upcoming trip. Thanks so much everyone for sharing your answers and opinions to make the best trip possible for everyone here :heart:


I’m almost %100 sure you need to do it no later than 45 days before arrival. To be honest its only going to be a few dollars so I would do it now and make sure its done.


Ok thanks tink. I’m not so much worried about the ticket price as the cost of sitting on hold LOL Maybe I’ll do it at work tomorrow and hope no one checks the long distance bill too closely. Just kidding LOL


You may be able to revise it online. Also I think there may be an 800 number. I don’t know it but maybe someone may.