Adding to the cruise ?'s

  1. Meals Included - yes. What about snacks, water, etc while on board
  2. Is there any reason to prefer 1 meal seating over the other
  3. Do the gift shops on board take Disney Gift Cards
  4. Are the rentals/excursions on Castaway Cay owned by Disney? If So, do they take Disney Gift Cards
  5. Is Pin trading alive and well on Disney ships
  6. water in March - is it too cold to get in water in March on Castaway Cay/Nassua

  1. Snacks-yes and no - the no would be if you go to the shows they sell popcorn and pop outside of the theater that cost. snacks around the ship ice cream, pizza, fruit thats all included. Bottle water is no included you have to purchase BUT you can bring Water and pop and beer with you on the ship!
  2. We prefer to eat early because our kids are 10 and it’s easier.
  3. The Ship is cashless like the island, you can pay at anytime with gift cards or cash at front desk. When you check in at the terminal you leave a credit card and everything gets charged to your room, but you can go anytime and ask your balance and you can make a payment.
    4.Some of the excursions on the island are owned by Disney a few are not but it still gets charged to your room. When we went on the Dream two weeks ago we rented Wave runners and we gave them our room card and it was charged to our room and when I got back on the ship I went and paid with cash and two gift cards on my account.
    5.They had pin trading one night of our cruise at 7:30pm in main area and they have a board and about 20 crew members show up to trade. They also have a booth to sell pins. My boys were really surpised on how many people came to trade that night!
  4. The water is never cold in Castaway it’s Disney! We have only been 3 times October, December and June and have hit it lucky each time with the weather and water temp being great!


To keep on top of expenses (because they do add up!) my dh goes down to customer service every couple of days and asks to see our bill. More than once he’s caught a mistake. It’s alot easier to catch things like that when they happen, then to wait until the last day when everything is crazy. Actually, he does the same at WDW.

  1. There is food available at all times, really. And for late night - I’m not sure about Disney, but on other cruise lines, room service is free (but you should tip) except from 2AM-4AM or something like that when there is a small charge.
  2. If your kids aren’t night owls, you might prefer the earlier seating. We prefer the later seating because it gives us more time to get ready for dinner after enjoying the ports.
  3. You pay for everything onboard using your Key to the World. There is no cash exchange. So I would assume you could take your gift cards to guest services to put on your account.
  4. Same with the above - it’s a cashless system, so you’d pay with your key.
  5. I don’t know because I’m not a pin trader, but I’ve heard that they offer trading on board.
  6. No, I don’t think so. March is a great time to go.


I called DCL yesterday to ask a few of these same things since our first cruise is in January and I am starting to save for all the “extra things” we will need to pay for. They don’t charge you for the excursions until the end of the cruise. And, yes, you can pay with Disney gift cards. :slight_smile: