Addition of mugs to 2012 DDP


If this has been posted already, forgive me. I was just looking at a brochure for the 2012 Dining Plan and it now includes refillable mugs for each guest. This is the regular dining plan not quick service which I knew included the mugs. Interesting new addition!


Awwww you said the ‘M’ word!!!:eek::laugh::laugh::laugh:Just kidding!


I, I saw that - that will save me about $70. I like it.


Did someone say Mug War???

So if the mugs go w/ all of the Dining Plans, can they be used ANYWHERE in the world? If so, how do you know that someone is on the DDP or just a regular resort mug purchase?


Directly from the brochure: (note the last line)

Welcome to the Disney Dining Plan,
which offers a convenient and affordable way to enjoy snacks and
meals at over 100 select restaurants throughout Walt Disney World®
Resort, including some restaurants that feature Disney Character
Dining! From contemporary to casual, elegant to enchanting, you can
find a great meal that fits your style. This brochure outlines the details
of what is included and how to use the Disney Dining Plan.
Number of Meals During Your Package Stay
The Disney Dining Plan includes one (1) Quick-Service Meal, one (1)
Snack, and one (1) Table-Service Meal per person, per night of your
package stay for everyone in the party ages 3 and over. The plan also
includes one (1) Resort refillable drink mug per person, per package
(eligible for refills at Quick-Service locations only in your Disney
Resort hotel).


WOOO HOOO!!! But you do know this means the price of that DDP is now going to go up right? Oh well, the mug makes it a tad sweeter of a deal.


I saw this on my booking for 2012 and thought it was an error then i was looking and some info a couple of days ago and noticed it was true “FREE MUG” thats fantastic news as there will be 7 of us so big saving $$$$ i like the sound of that. :wub::wub:


To be able to get drinks at your resort is definitely an added bonus. Of course, I would rather have bottled water.


This will save us over $60! I love it!!