Additional federal taxes and fees?


We received a notice in the mail from our travel agent concerning an additional tax for our cruise this August.

In part, it reads as follows:

“I just received a memo from Disney stating that the government taxes and fees have been raised, and as a result the total price of your package has increased by $104.43.”

Has anyone heard about this?

What really upsets me is that when I booked the cruise last July, I intended to pay for the whole thing then. But the travel agent talked me into only putting down a deposit, so that if any “specials” on prices came up, she could get them for us as long as we had not totally paid for the cruise yet. So I held off for the possibility of saving some money.
I’ll be extremely upset if this “new” tax would not have applied to me if I had totally paid for the cruise last July.

Anyone have any insight on this?


my in laws got a letter saying somewhat the same thing re: their upcoming alaskian cruise.

they paid in full before last july, so their letter said they did not have to pay the tax.

it also said that the increase in taxes had to do gas prices.

sorry i don’t have more insight than taht. but if i had to guess…it looks like you have to pay the additional $104.43.

maybe you could call your TA and discuss them compensating you in some way, since they talked you inot only putting down a deposit? ~ it’s worth a shot.