Adjoining rooms


What do you think my chances are of getting my adjoining room requests if I am checking in on a Thurs and my parents aren’t checking in until the following Tuesday?


Not sure of your chances, but if you want a door between your rooms as well…ask for Connecting/Adjoining Rooms. We didn’t ask for connecting rooms and just got rooms side by side years ago…a learning experience for us.


Oh . . . I was told about that a few years ago . . . I think it’s funny there is a difference!

They always say “we put in your request, but it’s not a guarantee!” but we always get the connecting rooms.

Your problem is different, because the people you are “connecting too” come after you! So it depends on how long the people in that room are staying? I would say your odds aren’t great . . . odds are better you’ll be in the same section! :happy:


Maybe you could try calling with both reservation numbers and asking the cm to link the reservations…that might give you a greater chance. Not sure if they can do that since your parents will be coming in a couple of days later but it is worth a try. Disney is really great about trying to accommodate their guest!

Also make sure to put in the request for connecting rooms! At least that way if the cm can’t link the reservation the resort will see the note inside the reservation and try to accommodate you and your parents. But again make sure you have your parents reservation number and that it goes in the note for the connecting rooms.


When we went in 2006 we requested connecting rooms at the Polynesian with my sister’s family, as did they. We requested it when we made the reservations. I also followed up with the request by phone a day or two before we left for our vacation. We were successful and they had no problem fulfilling our request at check in.


We have requested, and received adjoining room (with door). I’m not sure if you will get it though, being you are checking on a different date as your parents though.


My parents met us a couple of days after we checked in back in January. When we made the reservations, we had the reservations linked and requested the connecting rooms. I was sure it wouldn’t work out, but when I got to my room we had a door!! The CM did something to hold the connecting room for my parents. Another family was there until my parents check in date. It was great because they we there to babysit!! Since we live in S. FL, we usually head up early and check in around 9am. I think this helped as well.


We do have the reservations linked and an adjoining room marked on both of our reservations, so I guess I’ve done all I can for now.

I really don’t see how it can work, but the CM seemed confident that there wouldn’t be a problem. I just hope they don’t tell me that we have to move our room when my parents get there.

I’ll hope for the best. It would be great to be able to put DD to bed at night and then sneak to my parents room to hang out or watch TV.


We’ve always had our requests met when asking for adjoining rooms when my parents join us a few days after we’ve checked in. I’ve done what you did, link the reservations, have it notated that we want adjoining rooms (with a door), always verify this prior to our trip and always mention it when I check in. In most cases the CM was able to tell me the room # my parents would be in.


I’ve put this request in on at least 5 previous trips and we’ve always gotten the connecting rooms. Be sure to ask the CM to link your reservations together and I really don’t think you’ll have any problems.


I have been told that you can make requests more pacific to your requirements 3 days before you check in. so it might be worth calling Disney and asking for this in more detail, You might have to e-mail them (info is on


That sounds like the only way . . . but maybe you’ll get some of the Disney Magic! :happy: