ADR advice


I have a ADR for Cinderella’s Royal Dinner, but was wondering if Mickeys Backyard BBQ would be a better option. I have 2 boys 6 and 9, and although cinderella isn’t their thing, i thought the castle would be cool to do one time. Now i’m second guessing myself, would the BBQ be a better choice? is it to hokey for a 9 year old? or maybe the Spirit of Aloha? I can’t decide. :confused: any ideas would be greatly appreciated:happy:


If they have never been in the castle, then I would say go for that. Our guys thought the BBQ was fun, but they loved Spirit of Aloha.


Hoop Dee Doo is great for boys, although you didn’t list that as a choice.


we did hoop de do in 2007, it was okay. we were in the last row and couldn’t see anything.


The inside of the castle is more medieval than it is girly. However, if you have a breakfast or lunch ADR, there will be many little girls and princesses, which could make young men feel uncomfortable. It is cool to eat inside of the castle, but it’s best if you have a Fantasyland view. Otherwise, you can’t really tell that you’re inside the castle.

Also, CRT is overpriced. And the food isn’t that great. Plus, you have pre-purchased a photo with Cinderella. Since you’ve already paid for the picture, they don’t try very hard to arrange you or make you look good. So even if you don’t like the picture, you’re stuck with it. You’re really paying for the experience here. I would recommend this to families with young girls (at least five years old so that they can remember and appreciate it) who love princesses. Dinner is a little less princess-y, and would be a better option for couples (perhaps young men with their girlfriends that they are about to propose to) and families with older children and boys. Of course, dinner is more expensive, and you don’t even get a full character experience, so really, you’re getting less bang for your buck.

Now, if your boys are comfortable around girls and like the attention of princesses, CRT would be great. They’ll get alot of recognition from the princesses, being young men. However, if they’re bashful and think that girls have cooties, this probably isn’t the best option.

I have never done Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, but I would imagine that it would cater more towards boys than CRT. Of course, it all depends on your boys and what you think they would enjoy. Maybe you could ask them without hinting that you’re planning on doing one or the other if it’s supposed to be a surprise. Just say something like, “Wouldn’t you like to eat in the castle?”

Good luck!


Thanks everyone. I did ask the boys tonight. At first eating in the castle sounded like a great idea, then I went to the website and showed them their other choice the BBQ…hands down they BBQ won. I guess my decision is made. Looks like I’ll be cancelling my Royal Table ADR…


I think you made the right choice!


My girls and I have done the castle 3 times and like ot only 2 times. Its a do it once and your good type of place but last NewYears Eve I took my newphew in for breakast and it was too much for a boy and he was 8 at the time.
I think you made a good choice. Looking foward to your review.


I asked my little guy (who has done both) and he said BBQ - and without a moments hesitation. He loved dancing with all of the characters.


Wow 6 and 9 so that would be like 1st grade and 4th grade. I would have to say BBQ


Later on when they are older they might allow Mom to exercise her inner Princess and accompany you to CRT. But at their current age you made the right decision.


I think I had a momentary lapse in judgement. And your right, I think mom and grandma wanted to eat in the castle. I’ll save that for another day. The BBQ sounds like a really fun time…only 129 days and counting:mickey:


Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance. When they are teenagers the princesses will get their attention. :laugh: