ADR booking


Well…it’s finally reached that time ( well, nearly) where we are 180 days out and need to start making dining ressies. How many of you have found the online booking system for this? Or do many of you still prefer to call direct and speak to a real person?
I mean, for ease and cheapness, I think it would be easier for us to book online but at the same time I wonder how ‘live’ online system is eg. I think if we were to phone directly the CM potentially could tell us what comes available, can tell us of EMH’s that would help us in our decision making etc.

What tips, opinions on this can you give me my pals? Having never used the online system I am unsure as to whether I should just go the old fashioned route.



Book online. It’s sooooo easy. If you don’t see something you really want then you could call but at least you’d have the majority already knocked out.


Online is the only way to go in my opinion! It is so easy… Look up the hours and EMH for each day and then figure out where you want to eat. You will be amazed at how much faster and easier it will be!


Online is the way to go. I try to guess what the EMH hrs should be if the times are not posted yet based on past years. And If I’m wrong I change it. But not having to wait on the phone and being able to see see what the CM would be looking at puts you in control to adjust as needed.


Online… You can search for “lunch” in a particular area (search lunch at Epcot), and see what is available at the time that you want, or you can search for “Cinderella at 8:00 am on 3/26” for example. It is sooo easy, and you can check it at any time.


Search around and just try it out- you do not have to make any reservations to look… But remember that you have to give them a cc number and that they charge you $10 per person if you don’t show up… This is new.


Polly on line for sure- it’s a breeze to do and every one of our bookings was there no mistakes- try it hon x


We made most of our bookings online last trip and it was quick and easy (also saved on us having the buy an international phone card!) We got the print out once we checked in and eveyrthing was in perfect order!


Yay for you.
Where will you eat?

I love the online option. I don’t have time to wait and talk on the phone. I need my phone for business.


Quick note: Write down the conf. numbers before you close out of each individual ressie. Some have been slow to go over to our account. I was able to call WDW-DINE and they manuanlly put them back on our trip plan.


I guess I sort of hybrid both methods.
If I’m on the phone with central reservations anyway and I have dining reservations ready to go, I’ll do some or all that way. On the other hand, it’s pretty nice to not have to make the call and then wait while someone else does data entry as you keep your fingers crossed.
But when you call, it sometimes seems that they can offer more times than are offered on line.
It’s a toss up for now.


Another vote for online. What restaurants are you planning Polly?


we did ours online,and I get e-mail confirmation which I print,so i have a hard copy,WHY? last trip the restraunt reservation system went down for one day and thank god for the hard copy.


Yes I print all mine out too, you never know what might happen:happy:


Yes, now that everyone has chimed in that you have to do it online… it really is your moral obligation to come right back and fill us in on your dining plans. :happy:


What she said :blush:


Yes that and!! it is so much fun to have papers in hand that foretell of fun to come. I love taking a folder with me on the plane. I read through it and grin to myself
but then I hardly ever follow directions :laugh:


Half of the fun is planning it. I have a trip planned and my kids don’t even know, and yet we manage to talk about it every day. HE he!!!