ADR Change


My DH decided to play golf the morning we have an ADR for 3 at the Tusker House, so now it’s just DD and me. Which really works best anyway since we want to do some of the rides he can’t do. But I checked online to see if there was an ADR for just 2 but no luck. Is there a problem if we show with just the 2 of us?


You’ll be fine- don’t worry about changing it.


We’ve booked all ours for 7 but know that in-laws will have to opt out of some (health issues) I do try to release the two seats as soon as I know, but don’t worry about just one. It won’t be a problem.


We travel with a large group too and have ADR’s that folks backout of at the last minute and we’ve never had an issue with changing to a smaller party once we’re there.


There is never a problem if you show with fewer guests. Worst case scenario is you say either someone was sick or that they never made the trip.
It’s showing up with more guests that can be a problem.


I have never had a problem showing up with less guests, once dh was sick and stayed at the hotel. Also at the last minute one year my mom decided to go with us and we had to add one person to our reservations each day and they were completely fine with it :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! This is an unexpected trip, we cancelled it earlier when the state announced furloughs, but our 9 year old didn’t give up. She put all of her birthday and Christmas money into the vacation jar and traded me her gift cards for cash to add to it too. With that kind of determination we all cut back on everything and with the sales at WDW decided to do our part in helping the economy and just do it.


Good for you! Sounds like you’ve raised a sweet, thoughtful, and giving daughter!


What a wonderful daughter you have! I hope this is her best trip ever–she deserves it!:happy:


She is wonderful, she really gets that in a family everyone has to do their part. Just about my only complaint:wub: is she’s really difficult to buy for for Christmas and her birthday. The last couple of years she hasn’t “wanted” anything. She has told us “just suprise me”. When she sat on Santa’s lap and didn’t have any request I felt kind of sorry for him because he was very confused! She just wanted to check in with him and say HI!