ADR confirmations


I’ve been told that you can get a copy of all your ADRs printed at the conceirge desk in your hotel, but can you get a copy of that sent to you prior to that?

I made all my ADR’s yesterday and didn’t have the most confidence in the CM that was helping me. She never repeated everything back after booking it and when I tried to question her she was a bit irritated.

Some days we have 3 in our party and other days 5. I just want to make sure that they were all booked right.

I was hoping that the ADR list can me email just like the hotel confirmation is. Is this possible?


I would call up WdW dine again and confirm the Adrs now … You will probably get a different Cm who is willing to help if you explain to them you want to Double check your Adrs …


I’ve never heard of anyone getting a copy before check in but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. If you’re worried call back and ask to double check thinks while you can still make adjustments.


I would do exactly what everyone has said. Call back WDW-DINE and confirm your information. I’ve never had any problems so long as I’ve had my confirmation number when reaching a dining location. For peace of mind definitely call back.


I would call back. All you do to confirm ADR’s is give your phone number you booked them under…and the CM basically reads them off to you. It’s easy and takes 5 minutes. It will also give you a piece of mind. And that way, if they are wrong you can change them ASAP.


I like the idea that they print them off at check in thats very uselful- especially to a sieve brain like me!!


Definitely call back and ask a different CM - I had this same problem one time, and I was so stressed out that my ADRs were completely wrong. I called back and got a much more helpful CM, and as it turns out one of the ADRs was wrong! :eek: She was able to fix it quickly for me, and I felt much more confident when I got off the phone with her.

Also…I didn’t realize you could get your ADRs printed at the concierge desk! :huh: That is SO good to know! I forgot my list last time and I was panicked that I was going to remember the times of our ADRs wrong.


I have tried to get them to send me a copy & they won’t, not even by email. They will tell you that you can just get a copy when you check-in. This is indeed useful but I always write up the ADR’s, then call back & get them re-confirmed. After that, when I’m satisfied that all is OK, I will type them up & print-off just to have my own hard copy in case things get messed up somehow. Just keep in mind that no matter what you do, It’s still not always foolproof. Last December, I verified our ADR for Tony’s in the morning before we left for the parks, & when we got there, the lady at the counter said we were only booked in for the following week, not that night! We were not even going to be in WDW the following week. She said she could fit us in, so I asked if we would be put at the end of the line. She said there was not really a wait and we should only wait about 20 minutes. Great, right?? Nooo! It took us 2 1/2 hours to be seated & we were not alone! We had people next to us who also waited that long & they told me that they also had ADR’s. The only reason I didn’t walk out is that my I was sure that we would be seated SOON. At the point when we were seated, I told DBF that I was giving them 15 more minutes before we walk out. We were seated 10 minutes after that. Anyway, Sorry to digress, just double check things, they usually will be very happy to help. You can’t go wrong in being too oragnized.


When booking as a club level or concierge guest, you do get your reservations, tours, and other activities e-mailed to you by your planning CM.
I don’t think this is done for regular guests as it’s part of the advance planing services provided to concierge guests.
However, even with this information printed in advance, I still personally confirm my own reservations through WDW-DINE as well.


Ohmygoodness, I can’t believe you had to wait that long! :eek: I don’t think I would have been able to do it…if she said 20 minutes, I probably would have been too frustrated to stay past 40.

This definitely reinforces how important it is to double-check ADRs! :noo: I think you are absolutely right, you can’t be too organized!


It was a horrible wait,(we got to see Lady & the Tramp almost twice through.) They play it on a TV in the waiting area. It was so bad that 9this past weekend) when we were reviewing our ADR’s for our upcoming trip, my DBF looked at that & said I’m NOT waiting to eat at that place again. If we don’t get seated within 10 minutes of arriving, we are leaving & going over to Pecos Bill’s. He sais the food was definitely not worth it. I liked the food but by the time we were eating, the mood had all but completely ruined the entire night. Anyway, just check & check again if your plans are important to you.


The food at Tony’s leaves a lot to be desired.


This must have been theme over the weekend with CMs. I made my ADRs yesterday and wasn’t comfortable either. After I was on hold for 1 hour just to get thru!!! I’m calling back tomorrow to confirm!