ADR For July 2009


Can anyone tell me if your credit card gets charged right away when making ADR or to they just hold your space with the card.:confused:



It depends on what you are making an ADR for and if you have the dining plan.


Cape May Cafe and No Dining Plan.


I don’t believe for Cape May Cafe you need to leave a credit card at all. Just make the AdR and you’re all set!

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!


Thanks I will give it a try.



Cape May does not require a credit card to hold the ADR. Cinderella’s Royal Table does but not Cape May.


Thanks for the information.



I thought you can’t make ADRs until 90 days???The only reason I am asking is we are going in July and I can’t wait to book our ADRs.


Yup, ADRs are still 90 days out.

And Unique1, you don’t need a CC for Cape May Cafe - you do need it for a couple of popular signature dining places such as California Grill and Cinderela’s Royal Table though. They do not charge your card unless you fail to cancel at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Dinner shows (Hoop-De-Doo, luau, etc) are charged to your card right away unless you are on the dining plan. If you are using the DDP, they will still need your card info and I believe the cancellation on dinner shows is longer than other restaurants - perhaps 48 hours?

Hope that helps!


Yes, ADR’s are 90 days out, I phoned yesterday.

I have always made adr for Cape May, but wasn’t able to remember (:confused: getting old) if I had held them w/a cc or not


You don’t get charged for any reservation.
In the case of California Grill, they take a $10 deposit to make sure you either show up or cancel. This is not charged until the day of your reservation, and not before.
The dinner shows are different though.
For the bulk of restaurants in WDW, there is no deposit required and the dining plan has nothing to do with reservations. Those are two entirely different things.


Thanks for the info.