ADR for October Trip


We are coming up on are 180 day window for are Oct trip and we are looking for different places to eat we have been to Crystal Palace, Tusker House, Coal Reef, Cape May Cafe, Garden Grill, SciFi Dinner in the past and looking to try some different ones this time around. It will be three of us two adults and one child.


Consider eating around the world 1 day at F & W fest. That’s always fun + you can use snack credits there.


I would recommend Whispering Canyon Cafe in the Wilderness Lodge. Good food and great fun for everyone!


Mickeybug hit on something that can be a ton of fun. If you are there during F&W Fest go to Epcot and try the many different booths. You literally eat around the world. On our F&W trip 2 years ago we would head over to EPCOT just so we could eat. Try catching the bus to the Beachclub if oyu are in another park, walk into WS, eat, and head out. It was fun as everyone could find something different nad new. And Pam was able to sample more wines than I could even remember the names of.


We were planning on taking two days and eat around the world.


On our 8 day trip we spent 2 days in EPCOT and 2 other evening trips. Between the 4 of us we tried everything and then went back for favorites. Enjoy. It does not take long to fill up.
One tip we found out on our first day was to get the small WDW gift/charge cards on a wrist strap. I loaded $100.00 on each the first day and I did not have to keep pulling cash out for every plate or drink. It made my life easier. You can pick them up at any merchandise kiosk or register. When they ran out I just put a few more dollars on them. We spent $550.00 just on food and drink at the booths. It was me, Pam and our oldest DD(25) and DS(22) at the time.


Two that it looks like you have not tried out yet is OHanna at the Poly. The resort is amazing, the food is good and the atmosphere is fun.

Whispering Canyon is a blast.

When you are finished with either place you can take the boat over to MK. The Poly you have the monorail as an option too.


LeCellier, Boma, Ohana are all tops on my list :slight_smile:

we’ll be eating around the world one or two days as well! I love F & W fest!

looks like we’ll be in WDW the same week!


Yes Remy the Poly is an amazing resort we did the Spirit of Aloha last year and spent time taking in the resort before dinner. Thanks for the suggestion of Ohana. I forgot that we did Boma a couple of years ago and did not really like it. We are looking a LeCellier also. I have to keep in mind that I will have a 12 year old who does not like to stop and sit down.


We also spent 2 (or was it 3? Lots of wine…:wink:) days at Epcot during F&W in 2007. It was so much fun! We kept running into the same people at each country that were doing just what we were so it was fun to talk to them and wave as we went by.

We’ve enjoyed Teppan Edo, Le Cellier (shocking, right?), Captain’s Grille, Beaches & Cream, 1900 Park Fare for breakfast, Kona Cafe. We try to do at least 2 new restaurants every trip. For our next trip, we’re planning lots of new places since we aren’t doing the dining plan and thus confined to qualifying restaurants.

Have fun planning and let us know what you end up choosing!