Adr fyi


Not sure if this has been posted…
We will be in WDW March 20 to March 25 2009. I called today ( 180 days out :phone: )
They are updating and no March ADR are availible until Nov 21 st except for Chef Mickey’s and CRT.

Hope it helps someone else! Darn I have everything planned already!


Yeah that was a fairly recent change. With FEW exceptions, ADR are now 90 days ahead. Which reminds me…it’s time to make some for my Dec trip!


Yes, they are upgrading the reservation systems. Once they are upgraded they will go back to the normal lead times.


I think I prefer 90 days to 180 days, truth be told.


I am excited to be able to make mine 180 out for the first time…we have never planned a trip this far out before…:wub::wub:Le Cellier, here we come!


Me too, but once the upgrade is done, they will go back to 180 days :pinch:


Me three! Six months in advance is too far ahead in my opinion!


I much prefer 90 days to 180. I think that was unreasonable. And often they dont’ have the park hours posted then so it’s difficult to plan what days you will be in what park. I’m glad they changed it.


The last dining CM I spoke to said the upgrade didn’t include editing or making online BUT only viewing them online . . . not sure how true it is???

Has anyone else heard anything more about it?


What I heard is that the new reservation will have the capability for people to do online bookings, however it won’t be enabled initially. I am betting Disney will many internal meetings to discuss this.