ADR in January


Is it necessary to make ADR’s for a trip the second week in January? I expect the crowds will be down. Any suggestions?


The crowds are definately light enough to do walk-ups, but I highly suggest making ADR’s for the places you really have your heart set on. The most popular places like LeCellier can book out even in January. Definately make the ADRs for heavy traffice restaurants and definately for all character meals.


Listen to Dana. We went the second week of January last year and while the crowds were light, several of the restaurants did not have any ADRs available for walk up. Le Cellier and several other Epcot Restaurants come to mind as ones we wanted to change and could not. If it is a place you have your heart set on, then make an ADR.


I agree with Cincy…we were there from Jan 3rd- 11th last year and had trouble making some ADRs and could not get walk ups. We tried to make a reservation for Ohana’s for one of the last 4 nights of our trip and when we called they said the next 4 nights were all booked up. I think people are making more ADR’s because of the dinning plan. I would definately make them or you might have trouble.


Hey, do I need a reservation with a resort to make ADRs or can I go ahead and do it now and then book a trip with mickey?


I agree. We also had problems getting in on a walk-up during early Jan. and early Dec. The best way to go is by ADR. Then you will have no worries - Hakuna Matata.


[QUOTE=Dopey]Hey, do I need a reservation with a resort to make ADRs or can I go ahead and do it now and then book a trip with mickey?[/QUOT

You don’t need a resort reservation to make an ADR.


I would make them especially if you are really wanting to go to some places. We went in Jan last year and made ADR’s for some places, but made some while wewere there and still got everything we wanted, but I think we were lucky!!


Better safe than sorry! Go ahead and make them!


I say MAKE ADRs!!! Better safe than sorry.


I totally agree. Make an ARD for any restaurant you really want to eat at, you can always cancel if you change your mind.