ADR needed for breakfast at trail's end?


Still not sure if I’m going, but I was thinking of trying trail’s end for a late breakfast. Do you think I would need an ADR? I know mostly the advice is “make the ADR and cancel when you figure what you’re doing”, but since my main goal is for babysitting, I really don’t know when I’d be free. I could probably try the morning of, but I’m just trying to figure out if a last min ADR is possible.


I bet you could just walk in. 7:30 -8:30 seems the worst, but you could go after 9 with no problem. I love it there, It really sets the mood for the trip…


I was thinking maybe on early EMH at MK, I could go to MK for a couple of hours then head over about 10 ish. I’ve never been there. I just never wanted to spend the time to find it.


ok …since we stayed at Ft. Wilderness last Dec and had several meals there … first go!!! its worth it …second we never made ADR’s and never had a very long wait for a table. It is great!!!


We never made it to Trail’s End this trip. But it never looked too crowded as we past it to the MK boat launch.


cavey I am so shocked …why Trails End is the cheapest buffet at WDW and the food is awesome … I remember when we were there in Dec. sjpurple and her DH had been over there just for the food. Dang I wanna go to Ft. Wilderness … lol I am packed …lately I stay packed for camping trips. If I could I would load up right now and head East!!!

this is DH and Adrian waiting on the porch at TE our first morning at WDW last Dec.


Very easy to find, boat from MK and a short walk to Settlement depot, can’t miss it. I adore the red checkerd tablecloths and the steel dinnerware…


actually we liked taking the boat from the Contemporary. It seemed they run more often… but that was Dec. the walk to the Contemporary was short from MK …then on to the boat dock there. If I remember right the small boats go right to Ft. Wilderness instead of making stops at Wilderness Lodge.


On the dining plan, “cheapest” doesn’t count for much.