ADR Plans


Hi MB Friends–

Please give me your input on these ADR plans for our April/May trip. We are NOT planners. Usually, we walk into guest services at whatever park we are in and choose a restaurant that has availability for later in the day. This time, we will be using the DDP and want to plan ahead. If you see any logistical problems or issues that I’m missing, please point them out!

Oh, it will be 3 adults and 2 three year olds

Sat: Check-in CS at AKL
Sun: Chef Mickey’s --Dinner
Mon: San Angel Inn-- Lunch or Dinner
Tues: Hollywood and Vine – Lunch
Wed: Boma – Dinner (do they still do ribs on wed??)
Th: Crystal Palace – Dinner
F: Coral Reef – Dinner
S: O’hana

Also, if there are any deals I should know about, priority seating for fantasmic or fireworks? Please point them out as I know about none. I am way out of the Disney loop!


Your ADRs look fabulous! There is a Fantasmic dinner package where you get dinner and priority seating at Fantasmic. We’ve never done it but I know others here have.


Good Grief! Fix “O’hana” to "'Ohana"before Soundgod sees it!:eek:

Love Chef Mickey, Boma, 'OHANA, Crystal Palace. Hollywood and Vine - not so much. I’m just wondering if that isn’t a lot of buffets…


[QUOTE=alilmagical32;1102674]Hi MB Friends–
Wed: Boma – Dinner (do they still do ribs on wed??)

Pretty sure they do!

If you want characters for the kids, 1900 Park Fare, Crystal Palace and Tusker House are all great character buffets!


I’m wondering the exact same thing. I want to do character meals with the boys, but I actually strongly dislike eating at Buffets. By the time I get them settled and eating, my food is freezing. Or, by the time I get food, they are ready to go! Any suggestions on this?


I also agree about this! :blow: Last time I was there, it was TERRIBLE. However, Handy Manny is their very favorite person in the entire world. I would feel like a terrible mom . . . .


What about the Garden Grill at The Land in Epcot? It’s a character meal, but you are seated and served family style. We haven’t gone in years, but I remember it being a lot less chaotic. The restaurant does rotate, but it is so slow that you don’t even notice.


Your plans and restaurant choices look great! Boma does indeed still do ribs on Wednesday and Saturdays. I love their ribs!


I would think that the Free dining/ popularity of the restaurants are forcing people to have an ADR all the time. I used to do the walk up stuff (remember the phone bank in EPCOT, where you talked to a live person on a screen for dining?). I think that now, there are enough popular places that you almost have to get them. I think that you will have fun with what you have planned.


You are going to have such fun with your 3-yr-olds!! Your ADR’s look yummy!


Great Idea llama! Thanks!


I was gonna say the same thing. We had GREAT character interaction when we were there and the place rotates so that is something the kids would get a kick out of too.

Also, we loved Coral Reef. The food was good although the portions were small, DH was snacking an hour after we left.

Have fun!



I second the Garden Grill. We ate there on our recent trip, and while the food was just so so, it wasn’t terrible, and the character interaction was AMAZING! The boys will love it!


Switch out Coral Reef and in it’s place try Tutto Italia, Via Napoli, or perhaps Tokyo Dining. Via Napoli might be the best way to go over Coral Reef.
Kids love pizza.
The rest seems OK to me.
Well, maybe rethink Hollywood and Vine as well unless it’s the character breakfast.
Not sure what to put in its place if you want to stay in DHS.
And personally, I liked H&V better than Garden Grill and I’m no fan of 'Ohana, but I’m not going to slam them.


You ressies loook good. DS really enjoyed looking at the fish at the Coral Reef when we went in Oct.


Yes, but did you enjoy the limited menu?


We actually did. We had lunch there and really enjoyed it.


That was my thinking on this. Somewhere quiet and relaxing for the boys. I am a bit concerned about the limitations on the menu though.


As long as you can find something to eat, it doesn’t matter how many other choices there are!


I think we are going to leave it alone. A quiet dinner where the boys are mesmerized by fish is worth the limited menu to me! :happy: