ADR Question


We are going to the World on Oct. 26, 2009. The first night we will be staying in a 1 bedroom at Beach Club, and the next 6 nights we (husband, son and his girlfriend and their baby, and I) will split into 2 studios. Does that mean the on my 90th day out, I can only make reservations for the 26th and have to call back the next day for the rest of the days?

I only ask this because we check in (to the 1 bedroom) on the 26th, check out (of the 1 bedroom) on the 27th and check in (to the 2 studios) on the 27th.

Any help with this?


I have no idea… but I would think that as long as these reservations are under the same name and credit card, you should be okay. Do you have DDP?

I know DVC Mike recently took a split-stay vacation (not sure if his ADRs were booked under the 180 or 90+10 method, though).

I’m not sure. I recommend trying to. Maybe someone who’s used the new system can help you out.


Thank you. Guess I’ll have to call and find out. I know that it’s only one day, but, with all I’m hearing about the new dining reservation system, I sure don’t look forward to having to be on the phone with them twice.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t go on “common sense” but instead goes on Disney rules.

In order to make ADRs for the 10 days past 90 days from your arrival, you need to give your reservation number. Since you have two separate reservations (1 for your 1-bedroom and then 1 for your studio), there is a different ressie number for each. The computer system won’t accept an “extended” ADR past the time of the stay associated with any individual reservation number.

The only loophole is that since you have a 1-night reservation for the 26th, at 90 days from the 26th you WILL be able to make ADRs for the 27th, since on your check-out day you retain all the privileges of a resort guest until after 11:59 p.m.


Never thought of that! That’s the night we’d like to go to Victoria and Albert’s.